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Professor Ted Reviews


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Prof: Ted / Year 2022

Apr 15, 2022

Comments on the course

Never take this course unless its a requirement. I took this to complete my gen ed but i shouldve chose something else. This course was such a waste on time, the workload is insane. You are expected to read at least 5 stories that are each over 10 pages and watch at least 1 or 2 movies a WEEK and make discussion posts. This course was first online because of covid, but it became in person later on in the winter term, which honestly was unnecessary. It couldve stayed online to prevent any dangers the student would face during the pandemic, but attendance was of course marked so we are basically forced to endager ourselves for a course that did not need to be in-person. Since we did jot need to use any specific facilities at york. Overall this course was trash.

Course Content

All based on japanese literature. Both historically and in books and movies. The prof would also have looooonnnghg talks about his experiences in japan which did not reflect the course assignments or exams.

Comments on the professor

Talks too much and is basixally there to do commentary since it was the TAs that really lead the students


Drop it

Course: HUMA 1435Delivery: HybridGrade: B-Workload: Very HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Essay HeavyParticipation HeavyAttendance Heavy