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Professor David Golumbia Reviews


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Prof: David Golumbia / Fall 2021

Dec 5, 2021

Comments on the course

Overall, it's an easy class. Your grade is made up of 3 papers (25% per paper) and class participation (which, if you're shy, your zoom messages and Canvas discussion posts count for this!). The class itself is a bit boring, and if you don't read the book chapters, you are going to be VERY lost with what he's saying, but you can get by without reading them mostly as it's really just to facilitate class discussion.

Course Content

Think of it as a literature class, except you're studying the use of emojis and memes, rather than literary devices. Certainly more fun than a regular ol' english class (unless you like studying poetry every year I guess?)

Comments on the professor

Chill professor, VERY lenient with grading. Very easy to space out while he's talking. Definitely tries his best though, and very responsive to emails,etc when you need him.


Don't slack off on those essays. He gives you a good 2 weeks or so to do them, and while he *technically* has a word minimum, he's really more concerned about the thoroughness of your papers (2/3 of my essays were 300+ words below the minimum)

Course: NEXT 240Delivery: HybridGrade: A+Workload: LightTextbook Use: Optional
Essay Heavy