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VCU Course Reviews

Virginia Commonwealth University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ACCT 203Introduction to Accounting I44442
ANAT 691Special Topics in Anatomy53551
HIST 104Survey of American History43531
UNIV 103Education & Career Planning55551
NEXT 240Reading Tech, Media & Culture45331
MASC 101Mass Communications45551
STAT 210Basic Practice of Statistics44331
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology32441
POLI 105International Relations43221
SOCY 101Introduction to Sociology55551
ENGL 236Women In Literature55431
AMPT 426Foley And Sound Design00000
ARTE 502Art Ed Secondary Mat & Pract00000
ARTE 800Adv Seminar in Art Education00000
ARTH 245Survey Of Asian Art00000
AFAM 201Theors&Fndtns Africana Studies00000
ANTH 200Hnr:Intro To African Societies00000
ARTH 315Renaissance Art & Arch00000
ARTH 358African Art and Architecture00000
ANTH 390Intro to Linguistics00000
ARTH 452Stdy Pre-Columbian Art00000
ARTH 742Animal In Art & Theory00000
ADLT 671Theory & Pract For Med Edctr00000
AFAM 363African Literature00000
APPL 310Applied Lessons: Bassoon00000
ARTS 391Tp: Queer Nightlife00000
ARTE 406Materials & Mgmt In Art Ed00000
ALHP 899Dissertation Research00000
ARTE 690Issues & Methods Inquiry Arte00000
ADMS 708Equal Educational Opportunity00000
ARTF 139Project: Art Education00000
ANAT 502Microscopic Anatomy00000
ARTH 301Art & Arch Ancient North Amer00000
ADLT 612Learning in Groups & Teams00000
ARTH 338Colonial Art Arch Lat America00000
ANTH 348S. Amer Ethnography Wi00000
ARTH 372History of Photography00000
AFAM 330Visual Media And Race00000
ARTH 598German For Art Historical Res00000
ANTH 469Human Dentition: Id & Anthrop00000
ARTH 797Directed Research Project00000
ACCT 697Guided Study00000
APPL 323Appl Less Sec: Clarinet00000
ARTS 591Topics: Design Fr Creative Imp00000
BIOC 532Mod 3: Central Dogma Of Molec00000
BIOC 661Critical Thinking00000
ADLT 676Digital Media Tech for Teach00000
AFAM 440Contemp Art & Arch Of Africa00000
APPM 162Lyric Diction II00000
APPM 251Jazz Improvisation I00000
ALHP 310Intro To Health Care Prof00000
APPM 291Top: Virtual Sym Wind Ensemble00000
APPM 350Applied Music: Vocal Coaching00000
ACCT 791Managerial Accounting Seminar00000
ADMS 616Higher Ed Policy, Law & Financ00000
ALHP 391St:Ras Independent St00000
APPM 358Commonwealth Singers00000
ARTE 380Just & Equity In Vis Arts & Ed00000
ALHP 781Doctoral Seminar Hlth Rel Sci00000
ARTE 450Art For Exceptional Student00000
ADMS 700Externship00000
ARTE 592Independent Study00000
AMPT 404Script00000
ARTE 702History of Art Education00000
ADLT 601Adult Learning & Development00000
ARTF 132Surface Research00000
AMPT 496Finishing the Story00000
ARTH 103Survey of Art I00000
AFAM 106Survey of African History00000
ARTH 271History of Motion Picture II00000
ANAT 615Techniques In Neuro & Cell Bio00000
ARTH 305Classical Art And Arch00000
ACCT 507Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ARTH 33020Th Century Art & Arch00000
ANTH 303Archaelgy Mthds & Rsrch Design00000
ARTH 348Art Of The African Diaspora00000
AFAM 307Black Religion00000
ARTH 367German Expressionism00000
ANTH 380Medical Anthropology00000
ARTH 425Neoclass, Roman, Real & Imp00000
ADLT 641Explrtn Dig Media-Adult E-Lrng00000
ARTH 493Museum Internship00000
ANTH 425Rel,Magic&Witchcraft Wi00000
ARTH 693Advanced Museum Internship00000
AFAM 346Mental Health African Diaspora00000
ARTH 772Major Field Exam00000
ANTH 497Honors In Anthropology00000
ARTS 291Sp Top: Drawing for Non-Majors00000
ACCT 305Intermediate Accounting III00000
ARTS 393Colab Internship00000
APPL 314Applied Lessons: Bassoon00000
BIOC 505Experimental Biochemistry00000
AFAM 388Africa: Soc, Cult, Econ Hist00000
APPM 362Accompanying: Piano00000
ALHP 420Hc Leadership Development00000
APPM 367Piano Ensemble00000
APPM 372Brass Ensemble00000
ADMS 627Enhancing & Supporting Instrct00000
ALHP 591Top: Fdn Hlth Equity Hist Res00000
APPM 378Vox Concordia00000