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VCU Course Reviews

Virginia Commonwealth University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ACCT 203Introduction to Accounting I44442
HIST 104Survey of American History43531
ANAT 691Special Topics in Anatomy53551
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology32441
NEXT 240Reading Tech, Media & Culture45331
SOCY 101Introduction to Sociology55551
UNIV 103Education & Career Planning55551
MASC 101Mass Communications45551
STAT 210Basic Practice of Statistics44331
POLI 105International Relations43221
APPM 491Topics: Advanced Chamber Music00000
APPM 372Brass Ensemble00000
AFAM 391Top:19Th C Stdies:Afam Writers00000
ADMS 624Princ As Human Resource Agents00000
ARTE 401Art Education Elem Materials00000
ALHP 325Intro To Rehab Services00000
ARTE 501Art Ed Elementary Mat & Pract00000
ARTF 115Art History Survey00000
ALHP 708Ethics and Health Care00000
ARTH 300Prehist & Ancient Art And Arch00000
ARTH 350African & Oceanic Art00000
ADLT 610Consult Skill Adlt Learn Envir00000
ADMS 701Education Policy Research00000
AMPT 403Emerging Digital Cinema00000
ARTH 465Islamic Art Glob Con 1800-190000000
ARTH 723Sem: Fantasies Of The Modern00000
APPM 361Small Jazz Ensemble00000
AFAM 363African Literature00000
APPM 385Opera Theater00000
ADLT 702Seminal Rdngs In Adlt Lrn Lit00000
ARBC 391Top: Advanced Arabic Language00000
AFAM 491Topics:Black Feminist Thought00000
ARTE 408Two-Dimensional Art Exp00000
ADLT 303Fac Skills for Human & Org Dev00000
ARTE 703Contemp Philosophies & Arte00000
ALHP 416Health Care Economics00000
ARTF 139Project: Art Education00000
ADMS 640Human Resource and Fiscal Mgmt00000
ARTH 310Medieval Art & Architecture00000
ALHP 762Multivar Stat Meth Hlth Sci00000
ARTH 391Topics: the Art of the Book00000
ACCT 608Managerial Acct Concepts00000
ARTH 683Museum Collections00000
ANAT 608Functional & Clinical Neuro00000
ADLT 623Organizational Learning00000
ARTH 743Smr: 19Thc Nude00000
ADMS 710Current Topics Ed Policy00000
ANAT 620Scntfc Writing & Grantsmanship00000
ANAT 690Anatomy Research Seminar00000
AFAM 111Intro to Africana Studies00000
ANTH 103Introduction to Anthropology00000
ANTH 210Biological Anthropology00000
ACCT 790Research Methods Seminar00000
ADLT 641Explrtn Dig Media-Adult E-Lrng00000
AFAM 200Intro To African Societies00000
ANTH 301Human Evolution00000
ANTH 304Sociology of Families00000
APPM 355Orchestra00000
AFAM 358African Art and Architecture00000
APPM 368Woodwind Ensemble: Saxophone00000
ADLT 675Group & Team Facilitation00000
APPM 377Vocal Chamber Ensemble00000
AFAM 382African-Am Lit:Realism to Pres00000
APPM 396Jazz Orchestra II00000
ADLT 300Intro To Human & Org Dev00000
ARBC 101Beginning Arabic I00000
AFAM 411Appl Concepts Africana Studies00000
ARTE 310Found Of Art In Ed Srv Lrn00000
ADMS 618Leadership For Ed Change & Imp00000
AFAM 499Cap Sem in Africana Studies00000
ARTE 491St:Community-Based Art Edu00000
ACCT 410Advanced Tax Accounting00000
ARTE 701Issues In Art Education00000
ALHP 391St:Ras Independent St00000
ARTE 704Adv Research In Art Education00000
ADMS 629The Business Of Schools00000
ARTF 132Surface Research00000
ALHP 435Hlth Care Career Dev&Plng Ahp00000
ARTH 201Banned! Art & Controversy00000
ADLT 601Adult Learning & Development00000
ARTH 303History of Art Museums00000
ALHP 718Health Informatics00000
ARTH 342African American Art00000
ADMS 671Administrative Internship II00000
ARTH 361Human Condition: Arts Perspect00000
ALHP 793Research Practicum00000
ARTH 440Contemp Art & Arch Of Africa00000
ACCT 303Intermediate Accounting I00000
ARTH 466Mod & Contemp Art in Mid East00000
ANAT 301Head & Neck Anatomy Den Hy00000
ARTH 693Advanced Museum Internship00000
ADMS 707The Politics Of Education00000
AFAM 302Politics Of Civil Right Movemt00000
ANTH 315Anth Field Meth & Res Design00000
ANTH 355Death And Burial00000
ADLT 650Adult Literacy and Diversity00000
AFAM 307Black Religion00000
ANTH 387Environmental Archaeology00000
ANTH 391Topics:Fashion/Victims/Body00000