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5Amazing Class

Prof: Robbie Weber / Winter 2021

Aug 23, 2021

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Workload is probably a bad estimate; I didn't keep track, and some problems will vary considerably in time taken to complete depending on how long it takes to connect the dots for a given individual. Lectures are a bit dry, but informative. Class does not formally assume a background in writing proofs. However, the introduction to certain proof techniques (by cases, by contradiction, by contrapositive, etc.) will be brief and not be given in as much depth as a class dedicated to an introduction to proofs. You will be expected to write proofs, but the level of rigor to which you are held for grading seems to take into consideration that this may be the first encounter with/exposure to proofs for many people.


If possible, skim the lecture slides on the course website before attending lecture. Start problems early. You'll benefit greatly from having time to ruminate over the questions and have more time to backtrack from dead ends and try different approaches. Contrary to the course title, the HW sets are anything but "algorithmic" in the colloquial sense and will require you to think outside the box. Office hours can be very helpful (definitely the case for the professor, can be mixed for TAs), but you will get much more out of them if you've already attempted the problems and have specific questions formed as opposed to showing up and saying "i dont know how to solve it can you plz give me a hint." It's not required, but if you have the time, I'd highly recommend typesetting HW sets in more

Course: CSE 417Grade: A+Workload: 12hrs/weekTextbook Use: No