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Professor Bob Boiko Reviews


Class Ratings

5Amazing Class
5Very Easy
5Very Interesting
3Kinda Useful

Prof: Bob Boiko / Fall 2021

Aug 23, 2021

Comments on the course

Gamified course where students do interactive assignments based on the material and get achievements for progressing through the course. You can also choose what assignments you are more interested to work on it. As long as you complete the expected level each week, you should do good in the class. Class is not on Canvas but on a website Bob designed.


Stay on top of the work and get as many achievements as you can. Form a good study group.

Suggest a professor

Bob is the only professor who teaches this class and he's really good at teaching this material with the style shown here. Really cares about students.

Course: INFO 101Grade: A+Workload: 5hrs/weekTextbook Use: No

Class Ratings

2Bad Class
3Avg. Difficulty
1Very Boring
5Very Useful

Prof: Bob Boiko / Fall 2020

Aug 24, 2021

Comments on the course

This class was ridiculous and not very easy. Students only got two emails from him the entire quarter. The amount of work we were given was way too high for a 100-level class that isn't even a weedout. I only took this class because INFO 201 was full, and I needed another programming class to apply for the major, and I made the worst choice of my life.


This class requires a lot of self learning. Do as many of the modules as you can for the highest grade you can get.

Course: INFO 180Grade: A+Workload: 10hrs/weekTextbook Use: No