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Professor Amal Al-wahish Reviews


Class Ratings

3OK Class
1Very Hard
5Very Useful

Prof: Amal Al-wahish / Spring 2021

Aug 27, 2021

Comments on the course

I'm told this is the most difficult out of the Phys 12x series. I didn't take 123 but the material in this class is def harder than 121. This course doesn't build on 121. Instead, it's about electrons and circuits. Exams are very difficult (raw averages are 40s-50s) but the exams are curved, so don't be alarmed at a bad percentage, you just need to be better than your classmates.

Comments on the professor

Has a thick accent, broken grammar. For me, she was hard to understand. However, she is nice & is willing to take time out of class to explain problems for you. She is okay at explanations; imo the TAs are better.


I learned the material mostly through office hours and Khan academy/youtube videos. Go to office hours! The TAs are all very skilled, informed, and willing to help. There's also a discord for the series and people are very willing to help. Also, don't give up! I did average in the midterms but studied my **** off the last 2 weeks, went to all the office hours, and ended up with a 3.8 in the course! (They have a method of grade calculation where they replace a midterm with your final score, so a good final can really improve your final grade).

Course: PHYS 122Grade: A-Workload: Very HeavyTextbook Use: Yes