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Prof: James Mcdonald / Winter 2020

Aug 25, 2021

Comments on the course

Excellent course about not just about computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer, but also numerical methods and computer science. You will learn a lot in this course about math, programming, and different ways in which physics (not just fluids and heat) are simulated. You'll also realize that Solidworks, and even Ansys are not good places to be doing your CFD.

Comments on the professor

Best Prof in the Mech Eng department, hands down. Very effective teacher and genuinely interested in your learning the material. He's also passionate about the material, and eager to talk about it with you. Great guy, great prof. Realizing that I wouldn't have another class with him was one of the saddest moments of my academic career.


This course can be very math heavy at times so be prepared. McDonald does a great job walking you through it though. If you have trouble with math, then be prepared to redo derivations on your own time as it will help your understanding big time. If you have some programming experience it will help you out massively in this course (especially if you program in C/C++). That said, if you don't, you'll be fine. McDonald provides a lot of base code that you end up filling in together.

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James McDonald

Course: MCG 4139Grade: A+Workload: 10hrs/weekTextbook Use: Optional