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uOttawa Course Reviews

University of Ottawa

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAT 1320Calculus I43.333.84
CSI 3104Introduction to Formal Languages4.5443.34
ANP 1105Human Anatomy and Physiology I42.744.33
MAT 1341Introduction to Linear Algebra4244.33
CHM 2120Organic Chemistry II53.3553
CEG 3185Introduction to Data Communications and Networking42.54.53.52
PHY 2323Electricity and Magnetism53.5552
CHM 1721Chimie organique I4.52.543.52
ITI 1120Introduction to Computing I4.533.54.52
ECO 1104Introduction to Microeconomics3.543.53.52
PSY 1101Introduction to Psychology: Foundations434.54.52
CSI 3140WWW Structures, Techniques and Standards3.5534.52
CLA 1102Roman Civilization53541
MAT 1362Mathematical Reasoning and Proofs21441
APA 2120Motor Control and Learning55551
MCG 4139Computational Methods in Fluid and Heat Transfer53531
BIO 2137Introduction to Plant Science32421
BIO 1300The Human Animal33131
BIO 2129Ecology45311
CHG 3337Data Collection and Interpretation54551
ECO 1302Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues12321
ESP 3934Spain in its literature, (20th-21st centuries)52551
GNG 2101Introduction to Product Development and Management for Engineers and Computer Scientists14331
POL 2103Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics45441
MAT 1322Calculus II32331
AHL 3300Creativity and Innovation45311
CSI 3131Operating Systems43441
SEG 3101Software Requirements Analysis45241
ANT 1101Social and Cultural Anthropology55431
ESP 3943Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics44551
ENG 2303Introduction to Writing Prose Fiction55551
PHI 2174Ethics43431
ADM 3345Taxation I11241
CSI 3120Programming Language Concepts34321
ITI 1121Introduction to Computing II21141
POL 2101Introduction to Canadian Politics43341
ECO 1502Introduction à la macroéconomie32341
GNG 1103Engineering Design43451
CSI 3105Design and Analysis of Algorithms I24241
PHI 2397Business Ethics55431
MAT 1371Descriptive Statistics55431
MAT 2384Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Methods45341
ENG 1112Technical Report Writing22121
ELG 5228Mobile Robotics41441
APA 2140Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology33331
MAT 1702Méthodes mathématiques II32341
POL 1101Introduction to Political Science42441
ADM 1340Financial Accounting33231
MAT 2322Calculus III for Engineers44331
SRS 1110Witchcraft, Magic and Occult Traditions44321
POL 2504Introduction à la politique comparée54551
ECO 2144Microeconomic Theory I55451
ENG 2301The Writing Process55551
SEG 3125Analysis and Design of User Interfaces55551
FLS 3771Grammaire des textes universitaires53551
ANP 1505Anatomie humaine et physiologie I11241
PHI 1101Reasoning and Critical Thinking53551
HSS 1100Microbiology and Immunology53541
SRS 2393Religion and Death32321
ESP 2911Contemporary Spanish Culture43551
SEG 2900Professional Communication and Responsibility55331
ELG 5161Robotics: Control, Sensing and Intelligence42551
APA 1313Musculoskeletal Anatomy53551
HSS 2502Communication et santé44331
HIS 2182Women in Canada13411
HSS 3101Health Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches34231
MUS 3907Guitar Ensemble00000
MCG 3145Advanced Strength of Materials00000
SEG 4156Telecommunications Software Design and Analysis00000
FRA 3754Le roman québécois de 1900 à 197000000
MUS 3910Brass Ensemble00000
SEG 4903Work Term VI00000
PED 4501Enseignement des matières techniques au cycle supérieur00000
MUS 3925Orchestration00000
ENG 3305Advanced Workshop in Creative Non-fiction00000
DCC 3509Droits des minorités francophones au Canada00000
GEG 1302Places and Spaces of Human Activity00000
FRA 4795Création littéraire dirigée00000
MUS 3360Conducting I 500000
HIS 3765La France des XIXe et XXe siècles00000
POL 3535Politique et francophonie en Ontario00000
MUS 4110Music Education III00000
ADM 3333Staffing Organizations00000
PED 3719Gestion de classe et différenciation pédagogique aux cycles intermédiaires supérieurs00000
DCC 2120Law and Social Justice00000
DCC 3110Inter American System of Human Rights00000
DCC 4104Governmental Liability00000
MUS 4032Applied Music IV Performance (Voice)00000
DCC 4116Major Systems of Contemporary Law00000
SOC 4103Sociology of Populations00000
AHL 1900Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study in the Arts 100000
PHI 1102Moral Reasoning00000
DCC 4122Environment and Human Rights00000
ADM 2303Statistics for Management00000
ADM 2342Intermediate Accounting I00000
ADM 3350Corporate Finance00000
ADM 3322Services Marketing00000
ART 2171Modern Art: 1900-194500000
SCS 1150Introduction to Social Sciences00000
ENG 2380Introduction to Technical Writing00000