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UMW Course Reviews

University of Mary Washington

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 100General Psychology54551
BUAD 350Business Communication12111
EESC 111Our Dynamic Earth44541
MKTG 417Digital Marketing55551
HISP 325Vernacular Arch in America43541
BIOL 401Animal Behavior54431
CPSC 415Artificial Intelligence52551
FSEM 100H4Feminism in the 21st Century24111
CHEM 331Environmental Chem00000
BIOL 127Human Biology00000
CIST 299Intro to Comp Info Systems00000
CHEM 106AChemistry & Society II, w/lab00000
ARTS 442The Human Body00000
CHEM 499Internship00000
ARTH 317Laboratory in Museum Studies00000
BIOL 322Animal Ecology, w/lab00000
CLAS 204Epic Traditions00000
CLAS 491Individual Study00000
DANC 301Intermediate Ballet00000
ANTH 371KKPublic & Applied Anthropology00000
ARTH 460Sem:Women & Western Art00000
DATA 401Found/Applic of Data Analytics00000
DATA 420Modeling and Simulation00000
DGST 395Applied digital Studies00000
ARTH 491Individual Study00000
BIOL 426Biology of Fishes, w/lab00000
BUAD 471C5The Cooperative Bus Model00000
ARTS 381VTopics: Animation00000
CHEM 253Chemical Analysis I w/lab00000
ARTH 224Arts of Japan and Korea00000
CHEM 387APhys Chem Lab I00000
ARTS 474Professnl Practices Studio Art00000
CHIN 300BAdvanced Intermediate Chinese00000
ANTH 365Environment & Dev Narratives00000
CLAS 103Ideas & Culture:Greek Civ00000
BIOL 251History of Biology00000
CLAS 318Ancient Slavery and Its Legacy00000
ARTH 350ANeoclassicism to Impressionism00000
DANC 111Introduction to Dance00000
BIOL 342Nutrition and Metabolism00000
DATA 370EEThe Data Science Lifecycle00000
ANTH 211Anthropology of Race00000
DGST 301CDigital Media Studio00000
BIOL 415Nutrition and Metabolism00000
DSCI 259Applied Statistics & Research00000
ANTH 371ZZAnthropology and Psychology00000
ARTS 104Digital Approaches to Fine Art00000
BIOL 428Conservation Biology w/lab00000
BIOL 432Virology, w/lab00000
BIOL 444Bioinformatics00000
ANTH 299Arguments in Anthropology00000
ANTH 371XXGlobal Hlth: Models of Illness00000
ARTS 219Digital Video Production00000
BIOL 462Resrch Pract in Plant Ecology00000
BIOL 471A1Plant Ecology Research Intensi00000
ARTS 226Animation00000
BIOL 472HMolecular Parasitology w/lab00000
BUAD 471C9ST: Project Management00000
ARTS 381UTop: Historic Photo Processes00000
BUAD 499Internship00000
ARTH 114AHistory of Western Art I00000
CHEM 112General Chem II, w/lab00000
ARTS 381STopics: Artist/Animal00000
CHEM 318Biochemistry II00000
ANTH 343Culture and Identity in Europe00000
CHEM 345Inorg Chem Lab00000
ARTS 450JTopics: Environmental Art00000
CHEM 471HTop: Bioanalytical Chemistry00000
ARTH 303Methods of Art History00000
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I00000
BIOL 121Bio Concepts, w/lab00000
CHIN 300AAdvanced Intermediate Chinese00000
AMST 491Individual Study00000
CIST 491Directed Study00000
BIOL 203Science in Perspective00000
CLAS 110Grk &Roman Mythology Art & Lit00000
ARTH 332AHigh Renaissance & Mannerism00000
CLAS 285Greek & Latin Langs. & Lits.00000
BIOL 302ADevelopmental Biology, w/lab00000
CLAS 352DGreek/Roman Trade in East00000
ANTH 369DField Research: Political Anth00000
CPSC 491HIndividual Study-Honors00000
BIOL 334Exercise Physiology00000
DANC 141Beginning Jazz00000
ARTH 356Global Modernisms E.Asian Art00000
DATA 101Introduction to Data Science00000
BIOL 384Human Anatomy, w/lab00000
AMST 303BVirginia Studies00000
BIOL 472AAquatic Ecology Research Inten00000
DGST 201Tinkering, Hacking & Making00000
BIOL 410Neurobiology, w/lab00000
DGST 301FDocumentary Film00000
ARTH 470A5The Neuroscience of Art00000
ANTH 492Individual Study & Research00000
ARTS 281GGSpec Topics: In the Darkroom00000
BIOL 482Literature Research in Biology00000
BIOL 499Internship00000
ARTS 281KDigital Video Production00000
BLAW 301Commercial Law00000
BPST 312Tech & Business Communication00000