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Professor Fawzi Emad Reviews


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Prof: Fawzi Emad / 2020

Aug 26, 2021

Comments on the course

This is one the most important courses in CS, it is a somewhat hard course but it's really foundational for CS.

Comments on the professor

10/10, Fawzi is extremely beginner friendly and he explains concepts in a way that's very easy for anyone to understand


Go through the posted code examples and trace them on paper. Keep track of every variable and every change and every output. Then type the code into Eclipse and see if your trace output matches.

Suggest a professor

If you’ve never programmed before, definitely take Fawzi. I took it with Nelson spring 2019 and found it way too confusing and dropped. Took it in the summer with Fawzi, understood everything super clearly and finished with an A+. Took Nelson for 132 and got an A- with a great understanding as well. Both are amazing lecturers, but Fawzi is really good for your first CS experience.

Course: CMSC 131Workload: Heavy