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UMD Course Reviews

University of Maryland

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BSCI 330Cell Biology and Physiology43551
ENME 440Applied Machine Learning for Engineering and Design42541
CMSC 351Algorithms43451
ENME 690Mechanical Fundamentals of Electronic Systems54441
CMSC 131Object-Oriented Programming I42351
ENME 464Cost Analysis for Engineers54341
BMGT 230Business Statistics43341
ARHU 318AWriters' House Colloquium: Creative Writing Across Languages...00000
ANSC 698CSeminar; Recent Advances in Animal and Avian Sciences00000
ARTH 389ASpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; The Art of Dr...00000
ARTH 738GSeminar in Seventeenth-Century Southern European Art; Realiz...00000
ARCH 678BAdvanced Selected Topics in Architecture; Health Scores: Com...00000
AMST 629MSeminar in American Studies; True Storytelling and Narrative...00000
ARTH 359VFilm as Art; Seeing Through Film: How Movies Mean00000
AAST 498KAdvanced Topics in Asian American Studies; Korean American S...00000
ARTH 489QSpecial Topics in Art History; Global Art Cinemas00000
ANTH 465Ethnoecology: Nature, Knowledge and People00000
AASP 498WSpecial Topics in Black Culture; Washington and Prince Georg...00000
ARTH 789CSelected Topics in Art History; Sculpture: Process, Object,...00000
AMST 328YPerspectives on Identity and Culture; The Lion and the Man:...00000
ANTH 636Norse Archaeology00000
ARTT 448EAdvanced Printmaking Studio; Advanced Multi-Media Printmakin...00000
ARTT 489CAdvanced Special Topics in Art; Markets and Collecting00000
AMST 328XPerspectives on Identity and Culture; (Dis)ability in Americ...00000
AOSC 433Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate00000
ARAB 398LSpecial Topics in Arabic Studies; Life Stories in Arabic Cul...00000
ARCH 628TSelected Topics in Architectural History; American Building...00000
AMST 628MSeminar in American Studies; "Whatchu Lookin' At?" Blackness...00000
ARHU 158LExplorations in Arts and Humanities; Let's Talk Gender: The...00000
AAST 398NSelected Topics in Asian American Studies; Asian Americans a...00000
ARHU 468APeer Mentoring Program; Arts and Humanities' Ambassador Prog...00000
ANSC 445Comparative Digestive Physiology00000
ARTH 389WSpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; Museum and Ga...00000
AASP 478NHumanities Topics in African American Studies; African-Ameri...00000
ARTH 488AColloquium in Art History; Japanese Art in the 20th Century:...00000
ANTH 414Anthropology of Women's Health00000
ARTH 489OSpecial Topics in Art History; Art in the Museum World00000
AMSC 808NAdvanced Topics in Applied Mathematics; Numerical Methods fo...00000
ARTH 759JSeminar in Twentieth-Century Art; Photography Since Conceptu...00000
ANTH 607Anthropology and Development00000
ARTT 418HAdvanced Drawing Studio; Honors00000
AASP 398USelected Topics in the African Diaspora; Angela Davis00000
ARTT 480HHonors Seminar00000
ANTH 688ICurrent Developments in Anthropology; Language as Practice00000
ARTT 489QAdvanced Special Topics in Art; Multimodal Print Studio00000
AASP 498GSpecial Topics in Black Culture; Black Feminist Science Stud...00000
AOSC 458TAdvanced Topics in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science; Broadcas...00000
AMST 328GPerspectives on Identity and Culture; The Art of Black Socia...00000
AASP 398CSelected Topics in the African Diaspora; African American Li...00000
ARAB 399CIndependent Study In Arabic; Moroccan Arabic: Daily Life00000
AASP 499SAdvanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community; Pl...00000
AMST 418KFilm and American Landscape00000
ARAB 499ZSpecial Topics in Arabic Studies; Moroccan Society and Cultu...00000
ARAB 499CSpecial Topics in Arabic Studies; Food Cultures in the Globa...00000
AMST 428RAmerican Cultural Eras00000
ARCH 428LSelected Topics in Architectural History; Islam in Africa: A...00000
ARCH 428NSelected Topics in Architectural History; Medieval Architect...00000
ARCH 628PSelected Topics in Architectural History; Architecture of th...00000
AMST 498WSpecial Topics in American Studies; Globalization and the Di...00000
ARCH 628CSelected Topics in Architectural History; City Beautiful Arc...00000
AAST 398MSelected Topics in Asian American Studies; Asian Americans a...00000
ARCH 678QAdvanced Selected Topics in Architecture; Gender, Sex, and A...00000
AMST 628FSeminar in American Studies; Deviance and Dominance in the S...00000
ARHU 158PExplorations in Arts and Humanities; Words Matter - A Consid...00000
AASP 412Inventing (and Reinventing) Whiteness: The Origins, Transfor...00000
ARHU 319BWriters' House Second Year Colloquium: Form and Theory of Cr...00000
AMST 878AAmerican Studies Pedagogy Mentoring; Mentoring for First Yea...00000
AAST 498MAdvanced Topics in Asian American Studies; Asian American Pu...00000
ARTH 389LSpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; Visual Cultur...00000
ANSC 688ISpecial Topics; Comparative Vertebrate Immunology00000
ARTH 389VSpecial Topics in Art History and Archaeology; South Asian A...00000
AASP 398QSelected Topics in the African Diaspora; Black Baltimore in...00000
ARTH 488JColloquium in Art History; Japanese Art in the 20th Century:...00000
ANTH 398NIndependent Study; Career Development for Anthropology Major...00000
ARTH 488FColloquium in Art History; Mexican Muralism: Nation, Race, R...00000
AGST 333Crafty Beverage Crops00000
ARTH 489PSpecial Topics in Art History; Medieval Building Process00000
ANTH 433Archaeology of Slavery: Classical, Caribbean and North Ameri...00000
ARTH 708DSeminar in Ancient Art and Archaeology; The Ancient Portrait00000
AASP 498KSpecial Topics in Black Culture; Black Masculinities in Art,...00000
ARTH 749CSeminar in Nineteenth-Century European Art; Mary Cassat, Ber...00000
ANTH 469LAdvanced Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology; Postcoloni...00000
ARTH 779FSeminar in Japanese Art; Art and the Cold War: The View from...00000
AMST 298CIntroduction to Asian American Studies00000
ARTT 333HElements of Sculpture: Wood and Mixed Media00000
ANTH 632Three-Dimensional Digital Documentation: Using Laser-based M...00000
ARTT 438CAdvanced Sculpture Studio; Steel and Mixed Media Sculpture00000
AASP 298PSpecial Topics in African American Studies; Poverty, Race an...00000
ARTT 479AAdvanced Digital Media Studio; Code and Form00000
ANTH 677Science Technology, and Medicine00000
ARTT 489PAdvanced Special Topics in Art; Site Specific, Natural and H...00000
AMST 328MPerspectives on Identity and Culture; Black Baltimore in the...00000
AAST 298JSpecial Topics in Asian American Studies; Asian American Per...00000
AMST 429DPerspectives on Popular Culture; Black Masculinities in Art,...00000
ARCH 428ISelected Topics in Architectural History; Architect and Engi...00000
ARCH 428KSelected Topics in Architectural History; Cities of the Earl...00000
AMST 498MSpecial Topics in American Studies; Latinas/os and U.S. Popu...00000
ARCH 478ESelected Topics in Architecture; Creating the Cities We Want00000
ARCH 478USelected Topics in Architecture; The Black Experience & The...00000