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UMD Course Reviews

University of Maryland

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BMGT 230Business Statistics43341
CMSC 131Object-Oriented Programming I42351
ENME 440Applied Machine Learning for Engineering and Design42541
ENME 690Mechanical Fundamentals of Electronic Systems54441
CMSC 351Algorithms43451
ENME 464Cost Analysis for Engineers54341
BSCI 330Cell Biology and Physiology43551
AMST 323Filipino American History and Biography00000
AAST 351Asian Americans and Media00000
ANSC 204Anatomy of Domestic Animals00000
ANSC 252Introduction to the Diseases of Wildlife00000
AMST 290Shifting Sands: Constructing Cultural Mainstreams and Margins in the U.S.00000
AAST 222Immigration and Ethnicity in America00000
AMST 388Honors Thesis00000
AASP 301Applied Policy Analysis and the Black Community00000
ANSC 232Horse Management00000
AAST 388Independent Research00000
AASP 264Quare/Queer Contentions: Exploration of Sexualities in the Black Community00000
ANSC 315Applied Animal Nutrition00000
AASP 313Black Women in United States History00000
AAST 421Asian American Public Policy00000
ANSC 389Experiential Learning00000
ANTH 240Introduction to Archaeology00000
AASP 358Special Topics in Study Abroad III00000
AGNR 270Technology Training Seminar00000
AGNR 386Experiential Learning00000
AMST 260American Culture in the Information Age00000
AAST 200Introduction to Asian American Studies00000
AMST 298QU.S. Latinx Literature and Culture00000
AASP 298LAfrican-American Literature and Culture00000
AMST 328WAsian Americans in Film00000
AAST 298Special Topics in Asian American Studies00000
ANSC 103Principles of Animal Science Laboratory00000
AASP 258Special Topics in Study Abroad I00000
ANSC 214Applied Animal Physiology Laboratory00000
AAST 363Filipino American History and Biography00000
ANSC 237Equine Reproductive Management00000
AASP 305Theoretical, Methodological and Policy Research Issues in African American Studies00000
ANSC 270Animal Enterprise Management00000
AAST 398Selected Topics in Asian American Studies00000
ANSC 359Internship Experience in Animal and Avian Sciences00000
AASP 202Black Culture in the United States00000
ANTH 210Introduction to Medical Anthropology and Global Health00000
AGNR 100Agriculture Discovery: An Educational Odyssey Exploring Food, Culture, and the Environment00000
ANTH 260Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology and Linguistics00000
AASP 274Creative Writing Through The Eyes of African Americans: A Beginning Workshop00000
AGNR 301Sustainability00000
AASP 360Issues in African Development00000
AASP 210Intro to Research Design and Analysis in African American Studies00000
AGNR 388Honors Thesis Research00000
AASP 297Research Methods in African American Studies00000
AASP 386Experiential Learning00000
AGST 130Did Yeast Create Civilization?00000
AMST 101Introduction American Studies00000
AASP 395Fundamentals of Quantitative Research in Socio-Cultural Perspective00000
AMST 120Race, Gender, and the Global Economy00000
AMST 202Cultures of Everyday Life in America00000
AMST 212Diversity in American Culture00000
AASP 399Research in African-American Studies00000
AMST 269Special Topics in Study Abroad II00000
AASP 298CAfrican Civilization to 180000000
AMST 298Selected Topics in American Studies00000
AAST 201Asian American History00000
AMST 310Introduction to Comparative Ethnic and Racial Studies00000
AASP 230Social00000
AMST 328Perspectives on Identity and Culture00000
AAST 233Introduction to Asian American Literature00000
AMST 369Special Topics in Study Abroad III00000
AASP 299Selected Topics in African American Studies00000
AMST 418NAsian American Public Policy00000
AAST 310Introduction to Comparative Ethnic and Racial Studies00000
ANSC 120Introduction to Dairy Judging00000
AASP 200African Civilization00000
ANSC 210Veterinary Terminology00000
AAST 355Asian Americans in Film00000
ANSC 225Love Me, Hate Me, Use Me, Save Me: Our Conflicting Views of Animals00000
AASP 303Computer Applications in African American Studies00000
ANSC 235Applied Small Ruminant Parturition00000
AAST 378Experiential Learning00000
ANSC 245Sheep Management00000
AASP 260Africa in World Politics00000
ANSC 260Laboratory Animal Management00000
AAST 394Growing Up Asian American: The Asian Immigrant Family and the Second Generation00000
ANSC 282Grazing Animal Management00000
AASP 310African Slave Trade00000
ANSC 330Equine Science00000
AAST 398FIntroduction to Comparative Ethnic and Racial Studies00000
ANSC 386Experiential Learning00000
AASP 101Public Policy and the Black Community00000
ANSC 399Special Problems in Animal Science00000
AAST 424Sociology of Race Relations00000
ANTH 238Special Topics Study Abroad II00000
AASP 314The Civil Rights Movement00000
AASP 298Special Topics in African American Studies00000
AASP 396Independent Study Non-Thesis Option00000
AMST 203Popular Culture in America00000
AMST 204Film and American Culture Studies00000
AASP 397Senior Thesis00000
AMST 205Material Aspects of American Life00000
AMST 207Contemporary American Cultures00000