UMD Course Reviews

University of Maryland

CMSC 351Algorithms43451
ENME 440Applied Machine Learning for Engineering and Design42541
BMGT 230Business Statistics43341
CMSC 131Object-Oriented Programming I42351
BSCI 330Cell Biology and Physiology43551
ENME 464Cost Analysis for Engineers54341
ANTH 469Advanced Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology00000
ANSC 436Animal Health Policy and Communication00000
ANTH 643Anthropological Approaches to Geographic Information Science00000
ANTH 696Field Methods in Archaeology00000
AMSC 808Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics00000
ANSC 489Current Topics in Animal Science00000
ANTH 856Museum Research Seminar00000
ANTH 453Archaeology of the Modern City00000
AMST 856Museum Research Seminar00000
ANTH 613Health Disparities in the United States00000
AMSC 699Applied Mathematics Seminar00000
ANTH 664Anthropology of Cultural Heritage00000
ANSC 452Avian Physiology00000
ANTH 743Community Engagement and Consultation00000
AGNR 798Seminar in Rural Education00000
AOSC 431Atmospheric Thermodynamics00000
AMST 418Cultural Themes in America00000
ANSC 627Molecular and Quantitative Genetics00000
ANSC 688Special Topics00000
AMSC 460Computational Methods00000
AMST 498Special Topics in American Studies00000
ANSC 898Pre-Candidacy Research00000
ANTH 449Advanced Special Topics in Archaeology00000
AMST 655Introduction to Museum Scholarship00000
ANTH 462Amazon Through Film00000
AMSC 673Partial Differential Equations I00000
ANTH 478Special Topics in Linguistics00000
AMST 899Doctoral Dissertation Research00000
ANTH 630Quantification and Statistics in Applied Anthropology00000
AGNR 606Program Planning and Evaluation in Agricultural Education00000
ANTH 652Anthropology and Climate Change00000
ANSC 444Domestic Animal Endocrinology00000
ANTH 672Advanced Studies in Medical Anthropology00000
AMSC 761Applied Statistics Seminar00000
ANTH 722Ecological Anthropology00000
ANSC 455Applied Animal Behavior00000
ANTH 760Development of Social/Cultural Theory00000
AASP 602Interdisciplinary Research Methods in Afro-American Studies00000
AOSC 400Physical Meteorology of the Atmosphere00000
ANSC 617Quantative Techniques in Physiology and Nutrition00000
AOSC 434Air Pollution00000
AGNR 889Internship in Education00000
ANSC 644Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology00000
AMST 429Perspectives on Popular Culture00000
ANSC 699Special Problems in Animal Science00000
AAST 420Asian American Women: The Social Construction of Gender00000
ANTH 411Anthropology of Immigration and Health00000
AMST 499Independent Studies00000
ANTH 413Health Disparities in the United States00000
ANTH 416Anthropology of Global Violence00000
AMSC 660Scientific Computing I00000
AMST 601Introductory Theories and History in American Studies00000
ANTH 422Human-Plant-(Human & Bioactive Plant) Interaction00000
ANTH 447Material Culture Studies in Archaeology00000
AMST 639Reading Course in Selected Aspects of American Civilization00000
ANTH 451Environmental Archaeology00000
AMSC 670Ordinary Differential Equations I00000
ANTH 456Conservation and Indigenous People in South America00000
AMST 798Non-Thesis Research00000
ANTH 467Researching Environment and Culture00000
AGNR 489Field Experience00000
ANTH 476Senior Research00000
AMST 878American Studies Pedagogy Mentoring00000
ANTH 486Honors Research00000
AMSC 689Research Interactions in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation00000
ANTH 616Anthropology of Global Violence00000
ANSC 417Regulatory Issues in Animal Care and Management00000
ANTH 640Advanced Studies in Theory and Practice of Historical Archaeology00000
AASP 498Special Topics in Black Culture00000
ANTH 649Advanced Developments in Archaeology00000
ANSC 440Zoonotic Diseases and Control00000
ANTH 655Introduction to Museum Scholarship00000
AMSC 715Numerical Methods for Evolution Partial Differential Equations00000
ANTH 666Anthropology of Work00000
ANSC 447Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction Laboratory00000
ANTH 689Special Problems in Anthropology00000
AGNR 699Special Problems00000
ANTH 701Anthropology Internship Preparation00000
ANSC 454Nutritional Aspects of Metabolic Disease00000
ANTH 741Introduction to Cultural and Heritage Resource Management00000
AMSC 763Advanced Linear Numerical Analysis00000
ANTH 745International Heritage Management00000
ANSC 460Comparative Vertebrate Immunology00000
ANTH 789Internship00000
AASP 411Black Resistance Movements00000
ANTH 898Pre-Candidacy Research00000
ANSC 497Animal Biotechnology Recombinant DNA Laboratory00000
AOSC 420Physical Oceanography00000
AMSC 898Pre-Candidacy Research00000
ANTH 428Special Topics in Bioanthropology00000
AMST 628Seminar in American Studies00000
ANTH 438Special Topics in Study Abroad IV00000
ANTH 441Archaeology of Diaspora00000
ANSC 624Recent Advances in Animal and Avian Sciences00000