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Professor Nancy Abram Reviews


Class Ratings

3OK Class
3Kinda Useful

Prof: Nancy Abram / Fall 2021

Dec 15, 2021

Comments on the course

Fairly interesting course but exams are difficult. The questions often have 2 answers that seem correct but one is more correct. Lecture and discussion attendance is mandatory.

Course Content

There are a few assignments on the Connect website but the course is mostly focused on the group project and exams. The group project does require you to meet with classmates semi frequently. The exam questions are difficult and a decent amount of studying is required to do well on them.

Comments on the professor

The only reason I was semi-interested in this course was due to Nancy. She is extremely engaging during lecture which makes the class tolerable.


Connect assignment answers are on Quizlet. Go to discussion. Participate in group project b/c you can earn extra credit on the peer evaluations. Sign up for the research requirements as soon as they’re available.

Course: MKTG 3000Delivery: In personGrade: B-Workload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Attendance HeavyProject HeavyExam Heavy