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UI Course Reviews

University of Iowa

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSY 2301Introduction to Clinical Psychology32.5332
STAT 1030Statistics for Business11411
MATH 1550Engineer Math I Single Variable Calculus33331
PSY 2812Rsrch Methds & Data Analysis in Psych II54341
CHEM 1110Principles of Chemistry I42351
PSY 3570Social Cognition43441
PSQF 4143Introduction to Statistical Methods11111
MKTG 3000Introduction to Marketing Strategy32431
PSY 4020Laboratory in Psychology42451
PSY 3010Health Psychology35221
STAT 2010Statistical Methods and Computing11111
MATH 3720Introduction to Abstract Algebra I43441
CINE 1601Introduction to Film Analysis43551
AFAM 3459African American Literature Before 190000000
ACB 5203Gross Human Anatomy for Graduate Student00000
AFAM 5900Adv Readings in African Amer Culture00000
AMST 1075American Pop Music: Rock 'n Roll to 198000000
ABRD 3352International Perspectives: Xicotepec00000
ACB 6239Critical Thinking in Cell Biology00000
AMST 2084Sport and Film00000
AMST 3171Baseball in America00000
ACB 8405Advanced Clinical Neuroanatomy00000
AMST 4999Honors Project00000
ANES 8007Medical Student Fellowships in Anes00000
ABRD 3215CIEE Barcelona Advanced Liberal Arts Pr00000
ABRD 3531Secondary Student Teaching Abroad00000
ACCT 3600Accounting Information Systems00000
ANTH 2009Individual Study00000
AFAM 3110Race, Organizations, and Workplace00000
ABRD 4510International Student Exchange Program00000
AFAM 3630Racial Wealth Gap: Black Debt/White Debt00000
ABRD 3323CIEE Valparaiso Liberal Arts Program00000
AMST 1000First-Year Seminar00000
ACB 6220Mechanisms of Cellular Organization00000
AMST 1700Fake News: Misinformation in the U.S.00000
ABRD 3095CEA Florence: Santa Reparata00000
AMST 2700The Black Image in Sequential Art00000
ACB 7010Anatomy Through Imaging00000
AMST 3420Latinas/os/x and the Law00000
ABRD 3428CIEE Shanghai China in a Global Context00000
AMST 7077Sport Studies Workshop00000
ACCT 3200Income Measurement and Asset Valuation00000
ANIM 3125Animation I00000
ABRD 3050IES Freiburg European Union00000
ANTH 2165Native Peoples of North America00000
ACCT 4400Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ANTH 2320Origins of Human Infectious Disease00000
ANTH 3101Anthropology of Sexuality00000
ABRD 3221CIEE Barcelona Liberal Arts Program00000
ABRD 3610TEAN New Zealand: University of Otago00000
ACCT 7975Thesis Accounting00000
ACCT 9040Financial Stmt Analysis & Forecasting00000
ABRD 3714SIT South Africa Health & Social Policy00000
ACCT 9130Financial Reporting: Theory and Practice00000
ACCT 9170Advanced Accounting Analytics00000
ABRD 3064CIEE Rennes Liberal Arts Program00000
ABRD 3251CIEE Seville Business & Society Program00000
ABRD 3754SIT Jordan Refugees, Health, & Human Act00000
ACTS 3110Actuarial Exam P Preparation00000
AFAM 3053The Civil Rights Movement00000
ABRD 4432Ewha Womans University Exchange00000
AFAM 3260Violence in Black America00000
ABRD 3312CIEE Buenos Aires Liberal Arts Program00000
AFAM 3465African American Autobiography00000
ACB 3122Independ Study in Anatomy & Cell Biology00000
AFAM 4770Environmental Justice00000
ABRD 3091IES Milan Business Studies & Italy Today00000
AFAM 7214Rdgs: African American Women's History00000
ACB 5218Microscopy for Biomedical Research00000
AMST 1049Intro Native American/Indigenous Studies00000
ABRD 3335USAC Heredia Program00000
AMST 1154Food in America00000
ACB 6227Cell Fate Decisions00000
AMST 2000Introduction to American Studies00000
ABRD 3040IES Dublin: Dublin City University00000
AMST 2160Love and Romance in America00000
ACB 6250Critical Think Sci Writing/Presentation00000
AMST 3060Cities in American Culture00000
ABRD 3359CIEE Rio de Janeiro Open Campus00000
AMST 3265American Monuments00000
ACB 8120Human Gross Anatomy for Dental Students00000
AMST 3900Seminar in American Cultural Studies00000
ABRD 3180CIEE Copenhagen Open Campus00000
AMST 6050Seminar: Topics in American Studies00000
ACCT 2200Managerial Accounting00000
AMST 7994Independent Study00000
ABRD 3501Study Abroad00000
ANES 8495Intensive Care Off Campus00000
ACCT 3450Tax Practicum (VITA) I00000
ANTH 1061Big Ideas: Evol and Life in the Universe00000
ABRD 3017IES London: University College London00000
ANTH 2136Race, Place, & Power: Urban Anthropology00000
ACCT 4100Auditing00000
ANTH 2191Love, Sex, and Money00000
ABRD 3605TEAN Australia: Bond University00000
ACTS 4110Actuarial Exam LTAM Preparation00000
ABRD 3830USAC Studies in the Czech Republic00000
ACTS 4180Life Contingencies I00000
AERO 2150AFROTC Leadership Lab AS 200 - FA00000
ABRD 3271USAC Valencia Program00000