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UI Course Reviews

University of Iowa

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
STAT 1030Statistics for Business11213
PSY 2301Introduction to Clinical Psychology32.5332
STAT 2010Statistical Methods and Computing11111
CHEM 1110Principles of Chemistry I42351
PSY 2812Rsrch Methds & Data Analysis in Psych II54341
MATH 1550Engineer Math I Single Variable Calculus33331
CLSA 3742Word Power: Building English Vocabulary12111
ASP 3150Psychology of Aging54551
MATH 3720Introduction to Abstract Algebra I43441
MKTG 3000Introduction to Marketing Strategy32431
PSQF 4143Introduction to Statistical Methods11111
PSY 3570Social Cognition43441
PSY 4020Laboratory in Psychology42451
PSY 3010Health Psychology35221
CINE 1601Introduction to Film Analysis43551
AMST 2230Fame and Celebrity in U.S. History00000
ACCT 3600Accounting Information Systems00000
AMST 4800Latina/o/x Popular Culture00000
ANES 8007Medical Student Fellowships in Anes00000
ABRD 3714SIT South Africa Health & Social Policy00000
ACCT 9050Taxes and Business Strategy00000
ANTH 2009Individual Study00000
ANTH 2390Lab Methods in Biological Anthropology00000
ACTS 4280Life Contingencies II00000
ANTH 3171Voices of Islam in Southeast Asia00000
ANTH 3306The Neanderthal Enigma00000
AMST 1847Hawkeye Nation: On Iowa and Sport00000
ACB 7400Practicum in College Teaching MCA00000
AMST 3251The Office: Business Life in America00000
ABRD 3601Iowa Regents Sem Australia: Newcastle00000
AMST 7994Independent Study00000
ACCT 4999Honors Thesis in Accounting00000
ANIM 3125Animation I00000
ABRD 3270USAC Alicante Program00000
ANTH 2175Japanese Society and Culture00000
ACTS 3080Mathematics of Finance I00000
ANTH 3113Religion and Healing00000
ABRD 4001Lancaster University Exchange00000
ANTH 3257North American Archaeology00000
ACTS 6990Readings in Actuarial Science00000
ABRD 3087USAC Reggio Emilia Program00000
ANTH 4700Latin American Studies Seminar00000
ABRD 3318CIEE Santiago (Chile) Liberal Arts Prgm00000
ABRD 4424Meiji University Exchange00000
AERO 1250AFROTC Leadership Lab AS 100 - SP00000
ANTH 6010Research Anthropology00000
ARAB 2002Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II00000
AERO 3200Leadership Studies II00000
ARTE 3143Methods Elem Art and Field Experiences00000
ARTH 1050From Cave Paintings to Cathedrals00000
ABRD 3335USAC Heredia Program00000
ACB 3122Independ Study in Anatomy & Cell Biology00000
AFAM 1130The History of African American Film00000
AFAM 1250Introduction African American Religions00000
ACB 5203Gross Human Anatomy for Graduate Student00000
AFAM 2072African American Popular Culture00000
AFAM 2079Race and Ethnicity in Sport00000
AMST 1290Native American Foods and Foodways00000
ACB 7010Anatomy Through Imaging00000
AMST 2084Sport and Film00000
ABRD 3500Study Abroad00000
AMST 3100Critical Race Theory00000
ACCT 3300Valuation of Financial Claims00000
AMST 3430Women on Stage00000
ABRD 3221CIEE Barcelona Liberal Arts Program00000
AMST 6300Writing for Learned Journals00000
ACCT 4200Acctg for Management Analysis & Control00000
ANES 6051Clinical Anesthesia I00000
ABRD 3608CIEE Sydney Open Campus00000
ANES 8495Intensive Care Off Campus00000
ACCT 7975Thesis Accounting00000
ANTH 1061Big Ideas: Evol and Life in the Universe00000
ABRD 3070USAC Pau00000
ANTH 2140Food, Drink, and Culture00000
ACCT 9140Advanced Auditing00000
ANTH 2220The Olmec, Maya and Aztecs00000
ABRD 3755SIT Morocco Multiculturalsm Human Right00000
ANTH 3103Environment and Culture00000
ACTS 4110Actuarial Exam LTAM Preparation00000
ANTH 3123Making a Living: Economic Anthropology00000
ABRD 3276USAC San Sebastian Program00000
ANTH 3237Politics of the Archaeological Past00000
ACTS 6160Topics in Actuarial Science00000
ANTH 3275The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt00000
ABRD 4059Dortmund University Exchange00000
ANTH 4080Anthropology Internship00000
AERO 1119Crosstown Air Force Mentoring00000
ANTH 5110Anthropological Data Analysis00000
ABRD 3017IES London: University College London00000
ANTH 7414Slavery & Social Death 1200 BCE-1865 CE00000
AERO 2200Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
ARAB 3012Advanced Modern Standard Arabic II00000
ABRD 4510International Student Exchange Program00000
ABRD 3095CEA Florence: Santa Reparata00000
ABRD 3348SIT Ecuador Develop, Politics & Language00000
ACB 5218Microscopy for Biomedical Research00000
AFAM 2500Black Culture and Experience00000
AFAM 3100Critical Race Theory00000
ACB 6220Mechanisms of Cellular Organization00000
AFAM 3460African American Literature After 190000000