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Professor Amanda Mccleery Reviews


Class Ratings

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Prof: Amanda Mccleery / Fall 2021

Dec 12, 2021

Comments on the course

The most uninteresting and boring class ever. She pre-records her lectures and just sits there to answer questions through Q&A. You're basically spending an hour or so watching a video of herself. Lectures are very unorganized, like we'll stop halfway due to time and you're thinking, alright I'll take notes and download the next power-point to look over. Meanwhile the next power-point is essentially all the same from the previous lecture, and you're scrolling down trying to figure out what's the new material.

Course Content

It would be better if she included a textbook for the course. Talk about ego. The exams are a headache. The answer aren't just A, B, or C. but A or B, A or C, or all of the above. These throw people off and aren't even useful.

Comments on the professor

Pros: A well known psychologist and knows her stuff Cons: Not a good professor. Does not engage with students during lectures. Instead of having us watch a pre-recorded lecture, she should just teach in general and be more engaging with students. Otherwise for students and majors, how can we enjoy learning if the class is boring and not fun to learn?


This did not feel like an intro class whatsoever.

Course: PSY 2301Delivery: OnlineTextbook Use: No
Exam Heavy