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Professor Townsend Reviews


Class Ratings

3OK Class

Prof: Townsend / Fall 2021

Dec 14, 2021

Comments on the course

Honestly just needed this course for my Quest 1 requirement, did not find super interesting or really got much out of it. I ended it with a great grade though.

Course Content

One thing about this course is that there is no word credit offered. I definitely wrote about 5k words this semester but get nothing for it. The course is weekly discussion boards + 2 responses to class mates. Then you discuss in class. You have 2 essays, 1 project, and extra credit. It’s easy to get an A, just have to put a little work in

Comments on the professor

The professor was fine. They’re chill and cool, but I didn’t really build a strong relationship with them because my class only met once a week.


It’s boring, try to sign up for a different time at least because 8:30am on a Thursday is not the move.

Course: IDS 1161Delivery: In personGrade: A+Workload: ModerateTextbook Use: No
Attendance Heavy