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Professor Rachel Silveri Reviews


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5Amazing Prof

Prof: Rachel Silveri / Fall 2021

Jul 14, 2022

Comments on the course

Personally I found this class to be very interesting and I wish I could take something like it again. At first it felt like lectures were just the prof doing a very "philosophical" and overly in-depth analysis on different artworks but the inclusion of how art was influenced by history made it so much more intriguing. Overall I'd recommend if your interested in art but it'll probably be boing for someone that could care less.

Course Content

I can see it being very useful for art-related majors but other than that it may not be as useful to engineering/pre-med etc.

Comments on the professor

Silveri always had great lectures and seemed passionate about what she was teaching. Sometimes she'd talk pretty fast though but probably because she has so much info to cover in just one lecture.


Reading the textbook isn't always required since lectures cover a lot of the main concepts, so attend lectures as much as possible + discussions.

Course: ARH 2051Delivery: In personGrade: A-Workload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Attendance HeavyEssay Heavy