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Professor Rachel Gordon Reviews


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3OK Class
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3OK Prof

Prof: Rachel Gordon / Fall 2020

Jan 8, 2022

Comments on the course

This review is for "Post Holocaust American Jews" since it has the same course code and there's nowhere else to post it. The subject is pretty interesting, but the class setup and organization is terrible. The professor didn't know hardly anything about Canvas, and that caused a lot of confusion throughout the semester. Grading was also all over the place. Class participation was not evenly distributed because the professor would call on the same people almost every time. We only got our participation grades at the end, and none of them were full points even though there was rarely any lack of participation. I got a participation grade way higher than frequent participators even though I spoke in class a grand total of like 4 times. It was as if they were pulling grades out of a hat, and more

Course Content

There were weekly readings that were never too bad, and some were really interesting. There were sometimes pop quizzes on the material, so skipping the reading is not recommended. There was a short writing assignment every week about the reading. This was really easy and just a couple of lines for three questions, and the questions are always the same. There were a few essays throughout, and there were usually several different options for topics.

Comments on the professor

Professor Gordon is very nice and intelligent, but I had some issues with how she taught the class. Just some things that rubbed me the wrong way, like telling us who to vote for in the upcoming election. I just hate it when professors use their teaching to promote their politics. Outside of class would be fine, but it was nearly every week around the election that she would bring up who she thought you should vote for. The TA, too.


During the weekly reflection assignments, make sure your response to each question is at least a few sentences long. The TA will take off points for it being too short even though there is no required word count. If you ever have a choice, choose the professor to grade your essay. She grades way easier than the TA.

Course: IDS 2935Delivery: OnlineGrade: AWorkload: LightTextbook Use: No
Attendance HeavyParticipation Heavy