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Professor Jonathan Edelmann Reviews


Class Ratings

3OK Class
5Very Easy
3Kinda Interesting
2Barely Useful

Professor Rating

1Awful Prof

Prof: Jonathan Edelmann / Fall 2021

Dec 20, 2021

Comments on the course

Didn't learn a lot about the content even though I was very interested, blame this on the professor though.

Course Content

The content was about Buddhism, Hinduism, and Chinese Buddhism. You do a lot of your own research.

Comments on the professor

Professor was highly disorganized and lowkey upset that he didn't have a TA and had to do stuff himself. He often didn't talk about what he was supposed to and I'm pretty sure he has no lesson plan. I stopped going to class early on and just did assignments based on skimming textbooks and got good grades.


If you don't really want to learn the content this class is very easy.

Course: REL 2315Delivery: HybridGrade: AWorkload: LightTextbook Use: Yes
Assignment HeavyEssay Heavy