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Professor Eric Schwartz Reviews


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5Amazing Class
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Prof: Eric Schwartz / Fall 2021

Nov 28, 2021

Comments on the course

Medium difficulty to get an A. A lot easier if you already know how to program. The labs are where all the work in the class is. It's basically an overview on how to use the functions and peripherals of microprocessors. Pretty useful, I scored an internship by talking about this class (and related club activities).

Course Content

Build upon the basics of uProcessors, starting from basic digital I/O, then timers, interrupts, bus interfaces, memory, serial communication, ADC, DAC, DMA, peripheral event systems.

Comments on the professor

Dr. Shwartz is a lot nicer in this class than in Digital Logic, so don't be turned off if you heard about his difficult EEL3701 sections. He is very strict on deadlines so don't be late.


As of Fall 2021, there are weekly synchronous HonorLock quizzes not in class hours (like 8PM every Monday). Kind of annoying. He says he hopes to change that

Course: EEL 4744CDelivery: HybridGrade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: No
Project HeavyExam HeavyAttendance Heavy