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5Amazing Prof

Prof: Dr. Angerhofer / Spring 2022

Apr 4, 2022

Comments on the course

It's really hard to NOT get an A because it's an 85, you have average / replace, AND you drop a grade. So like you take 4 tests, drop one, and out of those 3 you average and replace the lowest of the three. Or you can just not take the final lmao. Also you get a front and back cheat sheet and they give u a million formula sheets. However, the homework is INCREDIBLY difficult, but I heard you can just go to office hours and get the answers. I honestly enjoyed trying out the hw on weeks where I was not too stressed out. Overall, it feels hard, but if you try then it's not hard to get an A. I learned so much in this class and I think it really helped prepare me for orgo. Regular chem 1 made me want to change my major, honors chem 2 made me keep it. Also tons of EC offered.

Course Content

Super useful. Prepares you for orgo. Hard but you'll get an A bc the threshold is so low.

Comments on the professor

His thick german accent and him rushing through lectures makes Dr. A seem mean, but he is incredibly nice, helpful, and funny. Go to his office hours! He really makes a hard effort to get to know his students. 10/10 wanna be friends with him lmao


Try to read the textbook before but don't stress too much abt it, have a friend group to help get through the HW and learning catalytics, and be interested in the course instead of treating it like a chore. Am definitely getting an A but I wish I could devote even more time on it bc it was so interesting.

Course: CHM 2051Delivery: In personGrade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Assignment Heavy