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Prof: Danielle Spivey / Summer 2022

Jul 30, 2022

Comments on the course

Do not take this class (or any foreign language course) over the summer. They are definitely 5 credits for a reason, I was doing 2-3 hours of homework for this class alone every night. I also had class for over an hour every weekday. It was not too difficult in terms of material, but learning Spanish is something that has always come easier to me than for most people. It was just very fast-paced, as I took it during SumB, and we were doing a chapter a week. It was just a lot to handle in 6 weeks. It also says on the syllabus that the class is supposed to be 90% in Spanish, and my prof. really took that to heart. Listening to lectures that were completely in Spanish definitely took getting used to.

Course Content

I would say that this is very focused on the basics of Spanish. Through the textbook, you learn a lot of grammar and vocabulary, and the next day in class you learn how to apply it. Participation in class is a grade. The midterm and final are called IPAs, and they are three parts. The first part is reading a paragraph in Spanish and answering questions about it, the next is getting a prompt and having to write a paragraph in Spanish, and the third is conversational. You get two minutes to plan with your partner (you cannot write anything down, the planning has to all be verbal), and then you have to have a conversation completely in Spanish for 5-6 minutes and cover all aspects of the prompt. Both of these together are worth 36% of your final grade. There are also LinguaMeetings (for me more

Comments on the professor

My professor (I believe she was a grad student) was very kind and was a very nice person, but I was not the biggest fan of her teaching style. Most of the information and activities in her lectures were pulled straight from the textbook, and it was just boring and hard to pay attention, especially when I had class every single day. I would not say she was a bad teacher though, and she graded quite fairly.


How much work it was for no reason, especially over the summer. No one even told me to reconsider taking a 5-credit course over Summer B, and I wished they did. I also wish I knew that the class was majority in Spanish, at least to mentally prepare a little.

Course: SPN 1130Delivery: In personGrade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Attendance HeavyParticipation HeavyAssignment HeavyExam Heavy