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Professor Blaine Harrison Reviews


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4Good Prof

Prof: Blaine Harrison / Fall 2021

Jan 6, 2022

Comments on the course

This class is great for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of nutrition applied to athletes and some special populations. Theoretically you can take the CISSN, which would qualifies you to be a sport nutritionist, and technically all that means is that you're qualified to give limited nutrition advice to people, but you still can't write out a specialized diet for anyone (only registered dietitians can do so).

Course Content

Course content ranges from basic nutrition principles (macro and micro nutrients) building up to nutrition necessities for different types of athletes and special populations.

Comments on the professor

Dr. Harrison is a great professor, he's accommodating and very fair with the way the course is built. I will say his voice is a little monotoned so his lectures may get you sleepy.


You get two shots at a cumulative final, so don't stress it too much. Keep up with the material each week, keep up with yellowdig posts. The research articles attached to each lesson can get tedious and I definitely recommend reading them, but if you miss one here or there it won't kill your grade or anything.

Course: APK 3163Delivery: OnlineGrade: AWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Exam Heavy