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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ORH 1030Plants, Gardening and You43542
ORH 3513CEnvironmental Plant Identification and Use21331
ORH 1283Survey of Orchids00000
ORH 3222CTurfgrass Culture00000
ORH 3324Palm Short Course00000
ORH 3773Public Gardens00000
ORH 3815CFlorida Native Landscaping00000
ORH 4236COrnamental Landscape Management00000
ORH 4280Orchidology00000
ORH 4804LAnnual and Perennial Gardening Laboratory00000
ORH 4905Independent Study of Environmental Horticulture00000
ORH 5086Adv Golf/Sport Turf00000
ORH 5817CAdvanced Florida Native Landscaping00000
ORH 4242CArboriculture00000
ORH 4264Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture00000
ORH 4527CFlorida Flora and Ecosystem Landscapes00000
ORH 4848Landscape Plant Establishment00000
ORH 4911Supervised Research in Environmental Horticulture00000
ORH 4932Special Topics in Environmental Horticulture00000
ORH 4941Practical Work Experience00000
ORH 2752Sensory Gardening00000
ORH 3253CIntroductory Nursery Management00000
ORH 3513Environmental Plant Identification and Use00000
ORH 3513LEnvironmental Plant Identification and Use Laboratory00000
ORH 3773LPublic Gardens Laboratory00000
ORH 4223Golf and Sports Turf Management00000
ORH 4256Nutritional Management of Nursery Crops00000
ORH 4264LGreenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture Laboratory00000
ORH 4804Annual and Perennial Gardening00000
ORH 4900Supervised Extension Experience in Environmental Horticulture00000
ORH 4915Honors Thesis Research in Environmental Horticulture00000
ORH 4933Professional Seminar in Environmental Horticulture00000
ORH 5026CAdv Annual/Perennial00000
ORH 5282Orchid Biology and Culture00000