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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MCB 3020Basic Biology of Microorganisms333.83.45
MCB 3023Principles of Microbiology4.34.54.344
MCB 3023LPrinciples of Microbiology Laboratory53.7553
MCB 4503General Virology4.53552
MCB 4034LAdvanced Microbiology Laboratory2.51232
MCB 4203Bacterial Pathogens222.52.52
MCB 4271Antimicrobial Resistance43551
MCB 3703Astrobiology44551
MCB 2000Microbiology43551
MCB 4422Probiotics22321
MCB 4150Prokaryotic Diversity44551
MCB 4403Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Function11111
MCB 4271LAntimicrobial Resistance Lab33441
MCB 5505General Virology33431
MCB 3933Professional Development in Microbiology and Cell Science00000
MCB 4320CThe Microbiome00000
MCB 4652Environmental Microbiology00000
MCB 4934Special Topics in Microbiology and Cell Science00000
MCB 5705Astrobiology00000
MCB 6424Probiotics00000
MCB 6781Archaea-Biotechnology00000
MCB 6971Research for Master's Thesis00000
MCB 2000LMicrobiology Laboratory00000
MCB 4304Genetics of Microorganisms00000
MCB 4915Honors Thesis Research in Microbiology and Cell Science00000
MCB 3020LLaboratory for Basic Biology of Microorganisms00000
MCB 4325CR for Functional Genomics00000
MCB 4782Extremophiles00000
MCB 4941Microbiology and Cell Science Internship00000
MCB 2006Microbes without Borders00000
MCB 4911Supervised Research in Microbiology and Cell Science00000
MCB 3015CLab Skills Bootcamp00000
MCB 4905Independent Study00000
MCB 5205Microbiology of Human Pathogens00000
MCB 6318Comparative Microbial Genomics00000
MCB 6656Environmental Microbiology00000
MCB 6930Seminar00000
MCB 7979Advanced Research00000
MCB 5252Microbiology, Immunology, and Immunotherapeutics00000
MCB 6355Microbial/Host Defense00000
MCB 6670CThe Microbiome00000
MCB 6937Special Topics in Microbiology: MICRO SYNTHETIC BIO00000
MCB 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
MCB 6317Molecular Biology of Gene Expression00000
MCB 6457Metabolic Regulation00000
MCB 6905Experimental Microbiology: EXPERIMENT MICROBIOL00000
MCB 7922Journal Colloquy00000
MCB 6417Microbial Metabolism and Energetics00000
MCB 6772Advanced Topics in Cell Biology: ADV TOPICS CELL BIO00000
MCB 6940Supervised Teaching: CAREER SEMINAR00000
MCB 5270Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)00000