MCB 4034L

Advanced Microbiology Laboratory

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1Very Boring

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1Awful Prof

Prof: Claudio Gonzalez / Spring 2022

Apr 30, 2022

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Take the other professor. He yelled at us for not knowing what the lac operan does and explained that this was an “advanced” course, so we should already have the “basic” knowledge from Micro bio lab. Did not teach well and got mad when we didn’t know the answer. He expects us to know everything when he hasn’t even explained step 1.

Course Content

I couldn’t even tell you because his lectures were so bad.

Comments on the professor

The worst professor I’ve ever had at the University. He is very passionate about genetics but expects too much from the students even though he doesn’t teach well. He’s more of a researcher than a lecturer.


Take antimicrobial resistance lab

Delivery: In personGrade: A-Workload: Very Light

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3OK Class
1Very Hard
3Kinda Interesting
5Very Useful

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1Awful Prof

Prof: Claudio Gonzalez / Fall 2019

Jan 14, 2022

Comments on the course

I wish I would've taken this course with the other professor available, Gonzalez didn't really prepare you for the quizzes I felt.

Delivery: In personGrade: C+Workload: ModerateTextbook Use: No
Quiz Heavy

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