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Professor Tamar Shinar Reviews


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4Good Prof

Prof: Tamar Shinar / Winter 2022

May 16, 2022

Comments on the course

The class overall isn't difficult but it can take a lot of time to try and understand what the skeleton code they give you does. But after you figure it out and translate what they taught you in lecture into code you should be good to go. Labs could be a bit tedious but the two programming assignments we had can definitely take up a lot of time. If you're ever stuck on something just ask the TA or the professor for help and they'll be glad to assist you. Also you'll probably do a lot of googling for the labs since he just gave us a worksheet and we just had to figure it out ourselves. The midterm and final weren't too difficult but you should still study for them.

Course Content

The two big projects we worked on were about ray-tracing and a graphics pipeline. There's also a lot of vector math so if you're not too confident with your linear algebra skills you should probably brush up on it before taking this course but it wasn't too bad. Lab focused more around open-gl and making sure you understand what you're going to be doing for the programming assignments. They'll give you a worksheet to fill out and sometimes a small programming assignment but nothing too crazy.

Comments on the professor

Tamar Shinar is a great professor! Her lectures were straight to the point and provided us with everything we needed to do the assignments. She is very understanding and is willing to help guide you through the projects if you're confused with something.


If you're looking for a class that's more related to video games, this isn't the class for that since this focuses more on how to generate graphics/images. If you're trying to make games or something along those lines then maybe CS135 (virtual reality) might be the better choice for you.

Course: CS 130Delivery: HybridGrade: BWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes