UCR Course Reviews

University of California, Riverside

GSST 016HHonors Sexuality and Religion in Global Perspective4.
ENTM 109Field Entomology42431
ENTM 100General Entomology54551
MATH 009AFirst-Year Calculus55541
CS 205Artificial Intelligence43441
ME 018AIntroduction to Engineering Computation21331
HIST 015World History: 1500 to 190034321
CS 202Advanced Operating Systems33231
MATH 046Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations42441
ECON 002Introduction to Macroeconomics43221
HIST 020WWorld History: The Long Twentieth Century54341
GSST 001SGender and Sexuality53541
BPSC 011Plants and Human Affairs53451
CS 111Discrete Structures11131
CS 235Data Mining Techniques54251
GSST 021Gender and Sustainability44551
BCH 010Introduction To Nutrition55551
CS 130Computer Graphics43431
ART 009Introductory Web-Based Art: Site Creation And Navigation44441
ANTH 186War And Violence In The Ancient World00000
ANTH 003World Prehistory00000
ANTH 195CSenior Thesis00000
ANTH 203Southeast Asian Cultures00000
AHS 181Modern Art II: Art in Europe, 1870-194500000
ANTH 027Art Of Pre-Columbian America00000
ANTH 253Seminar in Physical Anthropology00000
ANTH 162Culture And Medicine00000
AHS 302Teaching Practicum00000
ANTH 189Gender And Power In Muslim Societies00000
AHS 173Rococo To Revolution: Art In Eighteenth-Century Europe00000
ANTH 200BCore Theory in Anthropology00000
ANTH 007Introduction To Linguistic Anthropology00000
ANTH 210BProfessionalism In Anthropology00000
AHS 120Berlin Metropolis In Literature, Film, Music, And Art00000
ANTH 101Contemporary Anthropological Theory00000
ANTH 260Ethnographic Field Methods00000
ANTH 265Seminar On Anthropology Of Visual Culture00000
ANTH 297Directed Research00000
AHS 190Special Studies00000
ANTH 112Settlement Patterns And Locational Analysis00000
ANTH 302Teaching Practicum00000
ARBC 004Intermediate Arabic00000
ANTH 115SArchaeology Of Western Mesoamerica00000
ARBC 110Advanced Readings In Arabic00000
ARC 053Gmat Preparation Seminar00000
AHS 021Introduction to Architecture and Urbanism00000
AHS 144Arts Of Japan00000
AHS 251BProseminar in Methodology00000
ANTH 116Business Cultures And Identity00000
ARC 075Phys- Splmntl Inst Cnas00000
ART 001Beginning Drawing and Design00000
ANTH 120Language And Culture00000
ART 005Beginning Sculpture and Three-Dimensional Design00000
ANTH 122Economic Anthropology00000
AHS 147The Art Of Greece00000
AHS 267Seminar In Asian Art00000
ANTH 124Ritual And Religion00000
ANTH 158Biological Approaches To Medical Anthropology00000
AHS 299Research for Thesis or Dissertation00000
ANTH 164Forensic Anthropology00000
AHS 170Baroque Architecture00000
ANTH 188Islam, Women, and the State00000
ANTH 001HHonors Cultural Anthropology00000
ANTH 191Cultural Resources Management00000
AHS 114History of Brazilian Art and Architecture00000
ANTH 198IInternship in Anthropology00000
ANTH 006Introduction to World Music00000
ANTH 201Critical Theories Of Gender,Race, And Blackness00000
AHS 176Twentieth-Century Photography 1900-196000000
ANTH 207Archaeology Of Power And Ideology00000
ANTH 020SCulture, Health And Healing00000
ANTH 252Seminar in Archaeology00000
AHS 017BHistory of Western Art: Medieval to Renaissance00000
ANTH 256Seminar in Cultural Anthropology00000
ANTH 100History Of Anthropological Theory00000
ANTH 262Seminar In Medical Anthropology00000
AHS 186Media And Movements: Film, Video, Photography, And The Visua...00000
ANTH 291Individual Studies in Coordinated Areas00000
ANTH 108Anthropology Of Global Media00000
ANTH 299Research for Thesis or Dissertation00000
AHS 126Sultans And Saints: The Visual And Material Culture Of Islam...00000
ARBC 002Elementary Arabic00000
ANTH 114Blackness And Mass Incarceration00000
ARBC 006Intermediate Arabic00000
AHS 195HSenior Honors Thesis00000
ARC 051Gre Preparation Seminar00000
ANTH 115RArchaeology of Eastern Mesoamerica00000
ARC 072Chem Splmntl Inst Cnas00000
AHS 010SPhotography And The Body00000
ARC 080Coe: Learning Center Workshop00000
ANTH 118Origins Of Cities00000
ART 003Introduction to Photographic Processes00000
AHS 260Seminar In Latin American Art00000
ANTH 127Political Anthropology00000
AHS 274Seminar In Seventeenth- And Eighteenth-Century Art00000
ANTH 132Cultural Ecology00000
ANTH 134The Will To Adorn Dress And Identity00000
AHS 027Art Of Pre-Columbian America00000
AHS 156Memory Of Empire: The Art Of Early Medieval Europe00000
AHS 278Seminar In Modern Architecture00000