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UCR Course Reviews

University of California, Riverside

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GSST 016HHonors Sexuality and Religion in Global Perspective4.
BCH 010Introduction To Nutrition55551
ART 293Directed Individual Studio Production43451
ENTM 109Field Entomology42431
CS 205Artificial Intelligence43441
ART 009Introductory Web-Based Art: Site Creation And Navigation44441
CS 202Advanced Operating Systems33231
MATH 046Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations42441
ENTM 100General Entomology54551
CS 235Data Mining Techniques54251
ECON 002Introduction to Macroeconomics43221
ENGL 004LEnglish Writing32111
HIST 015World History: 1500 to 190034321
CS 130Computer Graphics43431
GSST 021Gender and Sustainability44551
BPSC 011Plants and Human Affairs53451
CS 242Information Retrieval and Web Search43451
HIST 020WWorld History: The Long Twentieth Century54341
CS 111Discrete Structures11131
GSST 001SGender and Sexuality53541
MATH 009AFirst-Year Calculus55541
ME 018AIntroduction to Engineering Computation21331
BIEN 266Special Topics In Biological Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Nmr...00000
ART 010Introduction to Video and Time-Based Experimentation00000
BIOL 005AIntroduction to Cell and Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 127Insect Ecology00000
BIEN 234Orthopaedic Regenerative Engineering And Mechanobiology00000
ARC 073Math Splmntl Inst Cnas00000
BIEN 297Directed Research00000
ANTH 122Economic Anthropology00000
BIOL 108Population Genetics And Genomics00000
ART 123Chromalogue00000
AHS 283Seminar in History of Photography00000
BIOL 158Medical Molecular Parasitology00000
ANTH 139Change And Development00000
ART 150Intermediate Moving Images: Film Video And New Media00000
BIOL 170Herpetology00000
BIOL 194Independent Reading00000
ART 240Current Topics in Critical Theory00000
BIOL 281ENanobiotechnology00000
BMSC 197LResearch for Undergraduates00000
ANTH 144MPolitical Economy Of Health00000
AST 034Introduction To Classical Japanese Literature00000
BMSC 222MHormone Action00000
BMSC 251Colloquium in Biomedical Sciences00000
AST 120Tibetan Buddhism: Dalai Lamas, Tantric Madness, And Mass Mon...00000
BPHY 297Directed Research00000
BPSC 135Plant Cell Biology00000
AHS 158Self-Portraits: Renaissance To Contemporary Art00000
AHS 302Teaching Practicum00000
ANTH 163Transnational And Global Communities00000
AST 144Arts Of Japan00000
BPSC 193Senior Seminar00000
BPSC 230Molecular Plant-Microbial Interactions00000
AST 163Nationalism And The Novel00000
BPSC 252Special Topics In Botany/Plant Science00000
BPSC 299Research for Thesis or Dissertation00000
BIEN 201Mathematical Methods For Bioengineering00000
ARC 052Lsat Preparation Seminar00000
BIEN 249Integration of Computational and Experimental Biology00000
ANTH 116Business Cultures And Identity00000
BIEN 273Special Topics in Regenerative Engineering and Biomechanics00000
ART 002Beginning Painting and Design00000
BIOL 002Cellular Basis Of Life00000
AHS 273Seminar In Renaissance Art00000
BIOL 100General Entomology00000
ART 103Advanced Drawing00000
BIOL 119Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics00000
ANTH 129AIntroduction To Maya Hieroglyphs00000
BIOL 148Quantitative Genetics00000
ART 135Intermedia: Art, Media, And Culture00000
BIOL 163Vertebrate Natural History00000
AHS 147The Art Of Greece00000
BIOL 174Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology00000
ART 160Intermediate Art Theory00000
BIOL 221Microbial Genetics00000
ANTH 140GAnthropological Perspectives In Africa00000
BMSC 091Freshman Advising Seminar For Medical Scholars Program Stude...00000
ART 299Research for Thesis00000
BMSC 222OSteroid Metabolism00000
AHS 297Directed Research00000
BMSC 232Cardiovascular, Renal, And Respiratory Sciences I00000
AST 056Cultures Of The Japanese Empire00000
BMSC 261Methods in Biomedical Research00000
ANTH 158Biological Approaches To Medical Anthropology00000
BPSC 097Lower-Division Research00000
AST 129Modern Southeast Asia, 1800 to Present00000
BPSC 155Chromosomes00000
AHS 027Art Of Pre-Columbian America00000
BPSC 200BPlant Biology Core00000
AST 152KDreams And Other Virtual Wrlds00000
BPSC 240Genome-Wide Assoc Studies00000
ANTH 176Music Cultures Of Southeast Asia00000
ANTH 005Introduction to Archaeology00000
ANTH 190Special Studies00000
AST 195Capstone Senior Thesis00000
BCH 097Research Tutorial in Biochemistry00000
ANTH 200ACore Theory In Anthropology00000
BCH 110BGeneral Biochemistry00000
BCH 184Topics in Physical Biochemistry00000