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Professor Elena Strzheletska Reviews


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Prof: Elena Strzheletska / Spring 2021

May 21, 2022

Comments on the course

This course will cover a lot of content quickly, with the theorems on graphs seeming irrelevant to the rest of the class. No matter which instructor you end up getting, the content will be very dense and hard to understand. Honestly, the course content should be split in two so you're able to digest the information better. The average score for the final exam across both sections was 57.5%, with the maximum being 93.8%. The grades were curved based on the highest score, which ended up not being too effective, changing the final average to just 61.2%.

Course Content

5 partnered homeworks using Overleaf, 4 quizzes, and 1 final exam. Lot of proofs for Discrete Structures. Most relevantly, you learn about RSA encryption, and graphs, with review on algorithm analysis from CS 010C, and proof by induction from CS/MATH 011. Helpful for CS 141, but not much else.

Comments on the professor

Lectures are extremely dry, and it's better to learn course content from a YouTube video rather than attending lecture. She's helpful during office hours, but not during lectures, and comes across as strict. She is also a tough grader, so don't expect a high score on quizzes and the final exam. During this quarter specifically, she also decided to move the final exam earlier to make it synchronous with the other section, which was unnecessary. She did this through asking a question during the 4th quiz asking whether you had a time conflict with the scheduled time. If you didn't immediately know, you got 1/3rd off your score of the quiz. The final exam wasn't even rescheduled because it look long to grade the exam, because it only took 2 days for everyone to get grades back. This resulted more


Be prepared to spend a lot of extra time studying.

Course: CS 111Delivery: OnlineGrade: Rather not sayWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: No
Quiz HeavyAssignment Heavy