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Professor Tim Brown Reviews


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Prof: Tim Brown / Fall 2020

Dec 21, 2020

Comments on the course

My worst class this semester. The workload for this class alone was more than my other three combined. If I wasn’t required to take this class, I wouldn’t have, and in my opinion, a lot of it was a waste of my time. The professor is hard to deal with for no reason whatsoever and seems to know it. The fact that grammar quizzes exist in an RTV course should be your first red flag.


Don’t screw yourself over on the grammar quizzes. It makes or breaks your grade. Also, don’t try to argue with him, it’s pointless. Even on aesthetic preference, he’s right, you’re wrong because you’re “new to this”.

Course: RTV 3576CGrade: A+Attendance: MandatoryTextbook Use: No