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Professor Nora Underwood Reviews


Class Ratings

2Bad Class
1Very Boring
3Kinda Useful

Professor Rating

1Awful Prof

Prof: Nora Underwood / Spring 2023

Feb 20, 2023

Comments on the course

Professor Underwood's module lectures are insufferable because she is monotone and puts in no effort in making the material engaging. The course itself is decent, and the only pro of taking it is that you only have to go in person six times a semester.

Course Content

Assignments, quizzes and exams are a major part of the course so be prepared to learn using the online textbook program. Although you meet six times a semester, she doesn't lecture in person at all because you're too busy rushing to finish worksheets with random group members. I'm not great at math, but I'm not horrible either but this class takes up at least 6 hours a week.

Comments on the professor

Professor Underwood makes no effort in making material engaging. Her module lectures are monotone and all she does during class is walk around.


Since she's the only professor teaching intro to economics (ECO2013), you just have to bite the bullet and suffer through it. If you have the option, take econ with your local college as it'll probably be a lot easier and a little more tolerable.

Course: ECO 2013Delivery: HybridGrade: Not sure yetWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Participation HeavyAttendance HeavyAssignment HeavyQuiz HeavyExam Heavy

Class Ratings

5Amazing Class
5Very Easy
5Very Interesting
5Very Useful

Prof: Nora Underwood / Spring 2020

Dec 21, 2020

Comments on the course

This class is in REAL format. Any class that is in this terrible learning format sucks but Nora was helpful. She was my first econ class and she holds your hand through it. The concepts are interesting and her lectures make the info straightforward. She has weekly quizzes that are sometimes annoying to do (limited attempts) and textbook homework through the online program. The tests were pretty easy and similar to the quizzes, though.


The quizzes help prepare you a lot for the tests but she words her questions very confusingly sometimes which may trip you up.

Course: ECO 2013Grade: A-Attendance: MandatoryTextbook Use: Optional