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Professor Earley-Spadoni Reviews


Class Ratings

2.3Bad Class
5Very Easy
1Very Boring

Prof: Earley-Spadoni / Spring 2020

Jan 5, 2021

Comments on the course

** ONLINE COURSE ** Okay, I don't want this review to deter anyone who is interested in Mesopotamian history BUT, it's my least favorite class I've taken so far. It was organized well, the professor was great about it all, but it was not for me. For those who need insight, the course is essentially about the first human civilization (I'm talking 3000 B.C.+) and what sources are available for us to base said timeline developments. If that sounds interesting to you, then you'll love this course for how "cut-and-dry" the set-up is--I prefer to know what to expect with no surprises and this course was perfect for that. No quizzes or exams, two major papers, weekly discussions (with responses the same week on separate days--the professor has set rules for what and how much to write).


If you enjoy early civilization, it's perfect for you. If you prefer more modern history with a confirmed timeline, try a different course.

Course: ASH 3204Grade: A+Textbook Use: Yes