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Professor Angela Vergara Reviews


Class Ratings

3OK Class
5Very Easy
2Barely Useful

Prof: Angela Vergara / Fall 2020

Dec 20, 2020

Comments on the course

She said attendance is mandatory but it wasn’t graded. I wasn’t a fan of this class but it was very easy, you’re graded on the quizzes, the final (which you can just study the quizzes for), and one paper. They’re all pretty easy and the paper will go as smoothly as your writing abilities, not necessarily the material.


Don’t prioritize this class in a heavy schedule unless you’re a sociology major of some sort. It’s pretty easy and low workload. Just attend lecture and read the book to study anything you’re not sure on. Of course, if you start off shaky, up your studying.

Course: SYG 2000Grade: AAttendance: MandatoryTextbook Use: Yes