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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ZOO 4513Animal Behavior 4.744.54.52
ZOO 3733CHonors Human Anatomy 3.824.552
ZOO 3744Neurobiology 4.34541
ZOO 4310CVertebrate Evolution & Ecology 51551
ZOO 4462CHerpetology 00000
ZOO 4480Mammalogy 00000
ZOO 3755CIntroductory Histology 00000
ZOO 4742Advanced Neurobiology 00000
ZOO 4272Ornithology 00000
ZOO 4747CClinical Neuroscience 00000
ZOO 3736CExercise Physiology Anatomy 00000
ZOO 4605Human Clinical Embryology and Congenital Malformation 00000
ZOO 4753CHuman Histology 00000
ZOO 3454Ichthyology 00000
ZOO 4743CClinical Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience 00000
ZOO 4701Dissection Techniques 00000
ZOO 3713CComparative Vertebrate Anatomy 00000
ZOO 4603CEmbryology/Development 00000
ZOO 3744HHonors Neurobiology 00000
ZOO 4735Anatomy of the Head and Neck 00000
ZOO 4405CSea Turtle Ecology and Conservation Internship 00000
ZOO 4910LResearch Experience in Animal Behavior in a Zoo Environment 00000
ZOO 4205CBiology and Ecology of Metazoan Invertebrates 00000
ZOO 4756CComparative Vertebrate Histology 00000
ZOO 4480LMammalogy Lab 00000