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Prof: Vivian Mozol / Fall 2021

Apr 2, 2022

Comments on the course

This course was so, so, so bad. So bad in fact, I changed majors. Was it difficult? Sure, but not outrageously hard. The labs? They weren't terrible - but that’s because they weren’t even labs since we were online. It’s the teaching, tests, and content that made it impossible for me to genuinely enjoy this course.

Course Content

This course content is so dry. Never actually felt like we learned anything. The midterm/final follow this same pattern. You never really actually understand anything and rather you are guessing on every question and hoping it's right. Problem is, guessing gets a bit tricky for 100% written tests. The content throughout the semester kind of goes: electrons, orbitals, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, VSPER, Lewis, and VSPER. It’s a chemistry course and yet we never actually studied any chemical reactions until close to the end of the semester. Huh?!? If your interests lie in the areas of math, physics, or other quantitive areas, this probably isn’t the chem course for you. On the contrary, if you are eager to spend 4 months learning about electrons over and over again then maybe you will enjoy more

Comments on the professor

One of the worst professors I have ever had. Emails slides out at 6:00am the day of lecture and expects everyone to read through them and understand the content. Then in lectures, it's an all over the place scribble fest. Condescending attitude towards those who ask questions even though they are (understandably) confused. Definitely not the instructor for first-year university students who are still figuring uni-life out. Sometimes I feel bad for her because she does seem like a nice person outside of uni. But then I remember what kind of professor she is and I lose a lot of sympathy for profs who don’t care about the students in their course. With it being online, I also watched Dr. Kennepohl’s lectures, and he was better, but honestly not by much. I found he went way too much into more


TLDR: Don’t take this course unless you absolutely have to. And if you do, definitely don’t take it with Mozol. And if you have no other choice, I sincerely wish you good luck. Bring some Kleenex. Many, many tears will be shed over this unorganized, chaotic, mundane chem course.

Course: CHEM 201Delivery: OnlineGrade: A
Exam Heavy