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4Good Prof

Prof: Roxanne Jackson / Winter 2022

May 1, 2022

Comments on the course

Keeping it real, this is a hard course. The content is straightforward enough if you do TONS of practice (I found the posted TopHat material was really great!) However, the exams in this course have a horrible select all that apply format. This makes it really difficult as incorrect choices actually result in points deduction, versus just missing some marks. The midterm average was low, and the final average was really low (58%). The labs were intense during the experiment, but the write-ups were honestly fine if you get a good TA who outlines what they’re looking for. I only attended 2/5 tutorials (they weren’t mandated this semester) because the tutorial TAs never seemed to be able to answer questions or know what they were doing. With all that being said, I actually enjoyed this course, more

Course Content

I really loved the content in this course. It is reminiscent of chem 30 material (for the Alberta curriculum), except higher in difficulty. It starts with a bit of gas theory, then kinetics, equilibrium, acid and bases, thermodynamics, and then a bit of redox. I liked how it always seemed there was something new to learn, and we never spent too long on a topic making it boring. I also loved all the calculations and math involved with each section, as it made the content in this course feel much more tangible and real-world compared to chem 201. Overall, very interesting material; it actually makes me a bit sad that I won’t be doing any more chemistry after this.

Comments on the professor

Don’t be fooled by Dr. Jackson’s low rate my prof rating. She’s actually an excellent instructor! Her fill-in-the-blank notes are great at ensuring you follow along during lectures. She does lots of practice questions, as well as covering the fundamental ideas in a straightforward manner. Dr. Jackson wandered around in the lecture hall when we were trying the practice questions to help one-on-one, but she also had lots of office hours time outside of class for extra help! Overall a good prof! You can tell she truly cares about her students and was very patient when people would ask the same question over and over in lectures.

Course: CHEM 203Delivery: In personGrade: A+Workload: Heavy
Exam Heavy