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Professor Dinh Reviews


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Prof: Dinh / Fall 2021

Nov 16, 2021

Comments on the course

Would probably enjoy this class a bit more if the entire course wasn't just self-driven. Makes me mad how I'm paying $500 for this class just to pay an additional $40 for an app to teach myself. Descriptions are extremely poor as well. There are zero/very poor explanations when you get something wrong leaving you banging your head on your desk until you can randomly insert something correctly. Least favored class by far!

Course Content

Could not tell you. Individual operations like matrix conversion, cofactors, translations... were simple to master alone and in 2D. Add the 3D and everything just goes downhill from there. Although, the majority of the time I know how to do things, I have no idea why nor the reasonings behind methods. I could not tell you and apparently neither can the profs. "You just do it!"

Comments on the professor

Dinh is a great prof. He tends to make jokes from time to time which makes the class slightly more enjoyable with clear slides and notes. However, Bezdek just reads through slides emotionlessly. Very degrading and fast, hard to understand whats going on most of the time.


That I would be expected to teach myself practically everything

Course: MATH 211Delivery: OnlineGrade: CWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Assignment HeavyExam Heavy