UCalgary Course Reviews

University of Calgary

MDSC 205Developing Health Research Literacy II32451
MDSC 341Principles of Human Genetics43541
MDSC 203Developing Health Research Literacy I43551
MDSC 201Applied Tools in Bioinformatics00000
MDSC 307Science, Philosophy and Society00000
MDSC 309Science and Politics00000
MDSC 351Honours Cellular and Molecular Biology00000
MDSC 402Organismal Biology00000
MDSC 404Integrative Human Physiology00000
MDSC 408Research Design in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics00000
MDSC 415Introduction to Epidemiology00000
MDSC 419Integrated Research Course II00000
MDSC 503Pharmacology of Organ Systems00000
MDSC 508Honours Thesis and Research Communication00000
MDSC 515Cellular Mechanisms of Disease00000
MDSC 519Advanced Bioinformatics00000
MDSC 523AI Applications in Health00000
MDSC 535Psychosocial Oncology00000
MDSC 543Advanced Genetics II00000
MDSC 545Genomics00000
MDSC 567Advanced Topics in Immunology00000
MDSC 603Biology of Laboratory Animals00000
MDSC 620Topics in Systems Physiology00000
MDSC 623Respiratory Science and Critical Illness00000
MDSC 629Cardiovascular Dynamics00000
MDSC 635Psychosocial Oncology00000
MDSC 638Mucosal Pathophysiology00000
MDSC 641Genetics00000
MDSC 664Careers in Biotechnology II00000
MDSC 671Techniques in Medical Science00000
MDSC 675Bioinformatics Resources for the Biologist00000
MDSC 678Project in Biomedical Technology00000
MDSC 689Medical Imaging00000
MDSC 706Theory and Practice of Family Therapy00000
MDSC 708Theory and Practice of Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology00000
MDSC 722The Blood Vessel00000
MDSC 745Human Histology00000
MDSC 747Pediatric Pathology Practicum00000
MDSC 750Pathologists' Assistant Research Project00000
MDSC 755Directed Study00000
MDSC 561Cancer Biology00000
MDSC 569Advanced Topics in Physiology00000
MDSC 605Information Storage and Processing in Biological Systems00000
MDSC 609Gene Expression00000
MDSC 619Neurosciences00000
MDSC 621Principles of Drug Action00000
MDSC 624Neuroanatomy00000
MDSC 633The Kidney00000
MDSC 637Gastrointestinal Physiology00000
MDSC 640Introduction to Immunology00000
MDSC 662Careers in Biotechnology I00000
MDSC 670Practicum in Biomedical Technology00000
MDSC 674Integrated Systems Course00000
MDSC 677Directed Study in Biomedical Technology00000
MDSC 685Biomechanics of Human Movement00000
MDSC 703Human Anatomy: Concepts, Exploration and Teaching00000
MDSC 707Family Therapy Practicum00000
MDSC 713Topics in Mountain Medicine and High Altitude Physiology00000
MDSC 744Human Pathology00000
MDSC 746Integrated Pathologists’ Assistant Skills00000
MDSC 749Autopsy Pathology Practicum00000
MDSC 751Topics in Medical Science00000
MDSC 301Bioinformatics00000
MDSC 308Interdisciplinary Research Approaches00000
MDSC 321Introduction to Immunology00000
MDSC 397Independent Studies in Health Sciences00000
MDSC 403Computation for Bioinformatics00000
MDSC 407Statistics and Research Design in Health Sciences00000
MDSC 409Brain and Society00000
MDSC 417Integrated Research Course I00000
MDSC 501Principles and Mechanisms of Pharmacology00000
MDSC 507Special Problems in Medical Science00000
MDSC 509Proteomics00000
MDSC 517Introduction to Biotechnology Business and Profession00000
MDSC 521Human Anatomy00000
MDSC 528Independent Studies in Medical Science00000
MDSC 541Advanced Genetics I00000
MDSC 565Advanced Topics in Microbial Pathogenesis and the Microbiome00000
MDSC 604Integrative Human Physiology00000
MDSC 611Medical Microbiology00000
MDSC 613Advanced Studies in Microbiology00000
MDSC 622Neurobiology of Mental Illness00000
MDSC 631Muscle Physiology00000
MDSC 636Advanced Topics in Physiology00000
MDSC 639Immunology00000
MDSC 663Advanced Muscle Mechanics and Physiology00000
MDSC 676Scripting and Database Querying for Molecular Biologists00000
MDSC 701Advanced Topics in Reproductive Health00000
MDSC 710Business and Careers in Biotechnology00000
MDSC 740Smooth Muscle Structure Function00000
MDSC 748Surgical Pathology Practicum00000