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Professor Won Chang Reviews


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5Amazing Class
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Prof: Won Chang / Fall 2021

Dec 10, 2021

Comments on the course

There are usually only about two problems In R for HW, with a HW about every two chapters. There are multiple parts per question usually regarding analysis of regression model fits, accuracies, and model assumptions. The content is very intersting and this course works as a general introduction into R and Regression analysis. This course is like a more intersting and comprehensive STAT3038 Prob & Stats II.

Course Content

Logistic Regression, Ridge & Lasso Regression (Shrinkage Methods), Principle Component Analysis (Dimension Reduction Method), Non-normality/equal variance & multicolinearity remedies, Great class that teaches me what I will need to loout out for and do in a future applied role.

Comments on the professor

Great professor, provides interesting stories, and makes the content fun and painless He gives practice reviews for the exams with problem types that will be nearly exact.


The books are not required, The Applied Linear Statistical Models (KNN, Kuter, Neter, and Nachtsheim) book is completely optional but if you want the Introduction to Statistical Learning book, it is actually free on the Author's website Work with others, and have a group chat, sometime R code will have bugs and strange problems

Course: STAT 5131Delivery: In personGrade: A+Workload: LightTextbook Use: No
Assignment Heavy