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UC Course Reviews

University of Cincinnati

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENED 1100Foundations of Engineering Design Thinking I1.
MATH 2073Ordinary Differential Equations2.532.532
HPE 4012Health Coaching54451
POL 1040Introduction to Political Theory53431
STAT 3038Probability and Statistics II44441
IS 2080CDigital Technologies for Business54441
FIN 7014Financial Management45231
HFL 1067Yin Yoga Studies: Stretching the Body and Mind35321
STAT 5121Mathematical Statistics I32341
ENGL 4091Writing for Business55551
IT 4045CEnterprise Application Development33341
IT 2021Human Computer Interaction45441
NS 4010Neurophysiology Laboratory53451
MATH 3001Introduction to Abstract Math42541
EECE 2075Signals and Systems I22121
HIST 2018Politics of Resistance: Gandhi and Social Justice54331
BANA 4090Forecasting and Risk Analysis11121
ACCT 7012Accounting for Managerial Decisions32231
STAT 5131Applied Regression Analysis54551
HIST 3000Introduction to Historical Thought and Methods21221
CS 7001CS Seminar I11111
ANTH 3024Origins of Agriculture00000
AEEM 3053Aerodynamic Simulation00000
ANTH 3076This Land is Your Land: People and Public Lands00000
ANTH 4066Applied Anthropology00000
ACCT 8099Independent Study in Accounting00000
AEEM 5015CUAV Design I00000
ANTH 5085Contemporary Anthropological Theory00000
ANTH 2079Medical Anthropology00000
AEEM 2014Probabilistic and Economic Engineering00000
ANTH 3050Primate Sexuality00000
ACCT 8071Accounting Theory and Research00000
ANTH 4022Archaeobotany and Ethnobotany00000
AEEM 4058Solid Mechanics II00000
ANTH 4096Anthropology Senior Readings00000
ACCT 5078Corporate & Government Accounting Careers00000
ANTH 6071Ethnographic Methods00000
AEEM 5058Aerospace Structures and Materials00000
ANTH 7015Curation Methods in Archaeology Seminar00000
ANTH 7024Agricultural Analysis00000
ACCT 9071Research in Accounting00000
AEEM 5092Advanced Aircraft Performance00000
ANTH 7069Psychological Anthropology: Ethnology of Altered States, Min...00000
ANTH 7098MA Thesis Research00000
AEEM 5117Intelligent Robotics00000
ANTH 8075Anthropology in Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
ARAB 1025Arab Cinema: Culture and identity00000
AADM 8085Advanced Topics in Development00000
ACCT 5176Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations00000
AE 2062Building Construction Science00000
AF 3020Aerospace Leadership Laboratory00000
ARAB 2050Colloquial Arabic00000
ARAB 3024Hispano-Arabic Literature and Culture in Translation00000
AFST 2007Blacks in Science and Technology00000
ARAB 4031Survey of Arabic Literature, Culture, and Thought I00000
ARAB 4081Arabic Certificate Capstone00000
ACCT 6046Estate and Gift Taxation Planning00000
AE 4043Building Systems III - Electrical & Lighting00000
AFST 2050Race, Gender, and Social Inequality in America00000
ANTH 2060Anthropology Of Race00000
AEEM 1001Statics & Basic Strength of Materials00000
ANTH 3019European Prehistory00000
ACCT 7099Independent Study in Accounting00000
ANTH 3035Archaeology of Death00000
AEEM 3014Aerodynamics00000
ANTH 3072Culture, Environment, and Globalization00000
ACCT 4074Accounting Information Systems00000
ANTH 4019Formation Processes of the Archaeological Record00000
AEEM 4012Flight Mechanics00000
ANTH 4034Domestic Field Research in Archaeology00000
ACCT 8087International Financial Reporting Standards00000
ANTH 4078Beauty, Race, and Gender in the Marketplace00000
AEEM 5012CAircraft Design I00000
ANTH 5049Evolutionary Theory00000
AADM 8030Career Planning in Arts Administration00000
ANTH 5096Individual Work in Anthropology00000
AEEM 5024CEngine Design II00000
ANTH 7008Graduate Professionalization Workshop00000
ACCT 9013Research Seminar in Accounting: Fundamental Valuation Theory00000
ANTH 7019Archaeology of Europe00000
AEEM 5073Special Topics00000
ANTH 7043Human Osteology00000
ACCT 5146Estate and Gift Taxation Planning00000
ANTH 7075Anthropology In Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
AEEM 5111Combustion00000
ANTH 8066Advanced Applied Anthropology00000
AE 1011Architectural Skills I00000
ARAB 1001Basic Literary Arabic I00000
AEEM 5136Spacecraft Dynamics00000
ARAB 1094Freshman Seminar: Arabic Topics00000
AADM 7081Fundamentals of Fundraising00000
ARAB 3020Modern Arabic Literature in Translation00000
AFST 1022Freshman Topics in Africana Studies: Social Sciences00000
ARAB 3028Sufism: Mysticism from Arabia to California00000
AE 3042Building Systems II - Plumbing & Fire Protection00000
AFST 2061African History II: The Rise of Globalization and Africa, 18...00000
AE 5001Architectural Engineering Capstone I00000
AFST 3002The Black Body in European Art00000
AFST 3030West and Central African Art00000
ACCT 2082Managerial Accounting00000