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UC Course Reviews

University of Cincinnati

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENED 1100Foundations of Engineering Design Thinking I1.
BANA 4090Forecasting and Risk Analysis1.511.51.52
MATH 2073Ordinary Differential Equations2.532.532
STAT 5121Mathematical Statistics I32341
FIN 7014Financial Management45231
STAT 3038Probability and Statistics II44441
NS 4010Neurophysiology Laboratory53451
IT 2021Human Computer Interaction45441
ACCT 7012Accounting for Managerial Decisions32231
STAT 5131Applied Regression Analysis54551
HPE 4012Health Coaching54451
HIST 2018Politics of Resistance: Gandhi and Social Justice54331
MATH 3001Introduction to Abstract Math42541
IS 2080CDigital Technologies for Business54441
EECE 2075Signals and Systems I22121
AE 3043Building Physics53441
EUST 1001Introduction to European Studies11111
POL 1040Introduction to Political Theory53431
HIST 3000Introduction to Historical Thought and Methods21221
COMM 3006Introduction to Rhetorical Theory53531
IT 4045CEnterprise Application Development33341
MATH 1044Applied Calculus I11111
CS 7001CS Seminar I11111
HFL 1067Yin Yoga Studies: Stretching the Body and Mind35321
ENGL 4091Writing for Business55551
BCL 7036Startups, Venture Capital And Private Equity00000
BCL 7024Employment Law00000
AEEM 4064Rocket Propulsion00000
ACCT 8021Management Control Systems00000
BCL 7051Patent and Trademark Clinic Class00000
AEEM 5022CAircraft Design II00000
BIOL 1005Genetics and Society00000
BIOL 1041The Biology of Addiction00000
AEEM 5025CUAV Design II00000
BIOL 1082LBiology II Laboratory00000
BIOL 2031CMicrobiology for Health Professionals00000
ACCT 3072Introduction to Taxation00000
ACCT 9011Research Seminar in Accounting: Efficient Markets00000
AEEM 5073Special Topics00000
BIOL 2085CCell Biology00000
BIOL 3020CHuman/Comparative Anatomy00000
AEEM 5101Advanced Strength of Materials00000
BIOL 3027Introduction to Biotechnology00000
BIOL 3051CFlowering Plant Classification00000
AE 1012Architectural Skills II00000
AEEM 5136Spacecraft Dynamics00000
BIOL 3077DNA Forensics00000
BIOL 4020CInvertebrate Zoology00000
AEEM 5199Systems Engineering Analysis00000
BIOL 4030Animal Behavior00000
BIOL 4043Medical Parasitology00000
AADM 8011Cultural Policy00000
ACCT 5078Corporate & Government Accounting Careers00000
AE 4041CHVAC Systems 100000
AEEM 6036Spacecraft Dynamics00000
BIOL 4055CHistology Laboratory00000
BIOL 4095Undergraduate Research00000
BCL 7012Antitrust Law00000
AEEM 4042Fundamentals of Control Theory00000
BCL 7032Sales00000
ACCT 7093Special Topics in Accounting00000
BCL 7040Law of Nonprofit Organizations00000
AEEM 5014CEngine Design I00000
BE 7061Biostatistics in Research00000
ACCT 2082Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 1021How Life Works: Introductory Biology I00000
AEEM 5024CEngine Design II00000
BIOL 1081LBiology I Laboratory00000
ACCT 8077Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOL 2002CAnatomy and Physiology II00000
AEEM 5058Aerospace Structures and Materials00000
BIOL 2083Genetics00000
AADM 7098Programming and Operations for the Performing Arts I00000
BIOL 3010CBotany00000
AEEM 5091Flight Test Engineering00000
BIOL 3024LAquatic Biology Laboratory00000
ACCT 9071Research in Accounting00000
BIOL 3041Biology of Sex00000
AEEM 5112Gas Turbine Combustion00000
BIOL 3060When Breath Becomes Air: Dying Well00000
ACCT 4074Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOL 4010Lab Development / Assistance in Biological Sciences00000
AEEM 5176Modeling Complex Systems00000
BIOL 4023Conservation Biology00000
AE 3041Principles of HVAC00000
BIOL 4040Neurobiology00000
AEEM 6011Combustion00000
BIOL 4052Developmental Biology00000
AADM 7056Part-Time Internship00000
BIOL 4072Microbiomes: From the microbes within us to a grander view o...00000
AEEM 6042Advanced Topics in Air Vehicle Propulsion00000
AE 4045Power and Electrical Systems 100000
BIOL 5050Biology Capstone00000
AEEM 6076Modeling Complex Systems00000
BIOL 5104Behavioral Genetics00000
BIOL 5160Ecosystem Ecology00000
ACCT 5172Taxation of Business Entities00000
AE 5099Independent Study in AE00000
AEEM 6099Systems Engineering Analysis00000
AEEM 7010Special Topics00000