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Professor Joel Porquett Reviews


Class Ratings

5Amazing Class
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Prof: Joel Porquett / Spring 2019

Sep 14, 2021

Comments on the course

One of my hardest courses at Davis, but definitely one that I enjoyed thoroughly. The projects are pretty brutal, using memory management routinely in C. Learning OS concepts was pretty much the same as learning anything else in CS, but the application of these concepts is more difficult.

Course Content

Pretty useful, all class info was on it

Comments on the professor

By far the best part of this class. He not only taught important skills for OS class, but also forced us to use industry standard tools like version control, ssh, code reviews, and comments. It is so evident that he likes teaching and cares about his students. It also helps that he has a clear passion for the subject when teaching. He can be snarky if you ask a stupid question, like a questions that can be easily answered by looking at the sllyabus.


Take this class with Porquett, I highly doubt any other professor would offer a comparable experience. The workload will be extreme, take easy classes. I took 12 units that quarter, but my grades in the 2 other classes suffered because of this class due to the workload. I would literally skip those other classes or just work in mandatory classes on OS work.

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Course: ECS 150Delivery: In personGrade: B+Workload: Very HeavyTextbook Use: No
Exam HeavyProject Heavy