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UC Davis Course Reviews

University of California, Davis

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SAS 013Disease & Society4.
MAT 017BCalculus for BioSci3.
NUT 010Discov & Concepts3.54.52.532
CHA 101Human Gross Anatomy3.52552
EEC 100Circuits II4.52.544.52
ECS 032AIntro to Programming323.532
PHY 009AClassical Physics111.51.52
IDI 141Infectious Diseases544.542
ECS 188Ethics in an Age of Tech4.54.54.542
VEN 128Wine Microbiology43541
EDU 181Teaching in Sci & Math55551
EEC 018Digital Systems I11321
AST 025Intro to Modern Astrophy53541
ARE 132Coop Business Enterprise55421
ETX 101Principles Environ Tox54541
JPN 155Intro Japanese Folklore54511
ECN 141Econ & Financ Fcst53541
LDA 050Site Ecology33211
EEC 140ADevice Physics I43441
ECS 020Discrete Math for CS54551
ECS 150Operating Systems51551
ECN 001APrinc Of Microecon32441
GDB 090Intro Global Disease Bio55441
CDM 003Media Archaeology54441
ECN 100AIntermed Micro Theory44331
DES 112UI/UX Design53551
DES 001Introduction to Design45341
PHY 009CClassical Physics43541
CHE 002BGeneral Chemistry42231
MIC 102Intro Microbiology32551
LIN 177Computational Linguistic43431
CRD 118Technology & Society33431
DES 014Design Drawing53451
EEC 170Intro to Comp Arch53551
EEC 130AElectromagnetics I53441
EEC 150AIntr Signals & Systems I43441
PSC 001YGeneral Psychology51551
EXB 101Exercise Physiology45331
ECS 201AComputer Architecture52441
ECS 170Artificial Intelligence53551
CMN 165Media & Health45321
COM 007Lit of Fantsy & Supernat53541
EEC 112Communication Electronic42431
ECS 164Human-Computer Inter35311
DES 016Graphics & The Computer52551
ECN 001BPrinc Of Macroecon44341
ARE 018Business Law55541
BIM 299Research52431
MUS 115History of Film Music34111
DES 015Form & Color53441
CGS 138Consciousness&Cognition33331
AMS 021Objects & Everyday Life44511
ARE 100AIntermed Microeconomics22111
EEC 180Digital Systems II11521
BIS 102Struc & Func Biomolecule32341
MUS 010Intro Music Lit53541
FOR 201BForensic Science-B00000
FAP 460Geriatric in Comm Health00000
ESP 106Env Data Science00000
ENM 499Research00000
FOR 209Forensic Alcohol00000
ESP 121Population Ecology00000
FOR 268Forensic Statistics00000
FOR 298Group Study00000
ESP 151LLimnology Laboratory00000
FPS 161Struct & Prop of Fibers00000
FPS 192Internship Fib & Ply Sci00000
ENL 185CWomen's Writing III00000
ENT 092Internship00000
ESP 162Environmental Policy00000
FPS 250BPolymer & Fiber Science00000
FPS 396Teaching Asst Train Prac00000
ESP 167Energy Policy00000
FRE 021Intermed French00000
FRE 098Directed Gp Study00000
ENT 102Insect Physiology00000
ESP 170Conserv Biology Policy00000
FRE 109French Phonetics00000
FRE 118AAge of Reason & Revltion00000
ESP 178Appl Research Methods00000
FRE 128Topics Fr Cult00000
FRE 209A20th Cent Lit Prose00000
ENL 157Detective Fiction00000
ENL 187ALiterature & Media00000
ENT 109Fld Taxonomy & Ecology00000
ESP 191ASustainability Workshop00000
FRE 297Individual Study00000
FRE 396Teaching Asst Train Prac00000
ESP 212AEnviron Policy Process00000
FRS 004First-Year Seminar00000
FSM 122Systems Management00000
ENT 153Med Entomol00000
ESP 299Research00000
FSM 197TFsm Tutoring00000
FST 003Intro to Brewing & Beer00000
ETX 030Chemical Use and Abuse00000
FST 101BFood Properties Lab00000
FST 104LFood Micro Lab00000
ENL 194HSeminar for Honors00000
ENT 192Internship00000