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MUS 010

Intro Music Lit

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Prof: Pierpaolo Polzonetti / Fall 2021

May 26, 2022

Comments on the course

Super interesting class! I really like classical music and there was a lot of information about that. Lots of listening to music too, and it was also cool to hear a really familiar song that you never knew the name of and going "THAT'S THAT ONE SONG." That happened to me with two songs from Carmen: "Carmen- Overture" and "Carmen's Habanera." I'd heard both of those songs before and just never knew where they had come from.

Course Content

Lots of lecture slides but interesting information. We had either 3 or 4 quizzes which were kind of hard, but a lot of information came from the lectures. Some of the questions sounded a bit obscure and a bit of memorization is needed, but it's a lot of music history and honestly the quizzes, though a bit difficult, were kind of fun to take because you got to listen to music during it. Basically there'd be questions where you'd have to listen to a snippet of a certain piece that we had listened to in class, but you listen to a lot of pieces in class so that makes it relatively difficult to remember which exactly it is and what exactly is going on in it. Anyways, still super fun class.

Comments on the professor

The Professor is very nice and you can tell he's definitely passionate about the class, which made his lectures fun as well. Very approachable person too!

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