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Professor Simon Bates & Ziliang Ye Reviews


Class Ratings

3.3OK Class
3Avg. Difficulty
3Kinda Useful

Prof: Simon Bates & Ziliang Ye / Winter 2020

Dec 31, 2020

Comments on the course

Easily my favourite class of the semester and will definitely be in the running for my favourite class of all time. The course was very well organised and material is provided in advance of when they're needed and very easily accessible. Profs were extremely knowledgable and approachable. I never doubted that they had our best interests in mind! Having some background knowledge prior to taking the course definitely helped but the TAs are very supportive of everyone as well.


Do the prereadings. Take tutorial tests seriously. They may not seem like much, but doing well on them can be a big help since there's an emphasis on regular testing, rather than high stakes cumulative tests like MT and Finals. (We had them, but they weighed less.) Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Course: PHYS 117Grade: AAttendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: Yes