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Professor M@ Wright Reviews


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2Bad Class
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Prof: M@ Wright / Fall 2020

Mar 16, 2021

Comments on the course

It's a content heavy course, I thought M@ talked quite fast. Despite this, we still went a few minutes overtime. Also, M@ went off topic a lot but at least that was fun. Honestly, I just copied the slides to get through the course, ask questions if you got to. Content is simple and complex at the same time, so is the homework where you kinda gotta guess the answers because there's such general instructions with specific HIDDEN criteria. Also, TA's are massive game changers. Parker Li is amazing tho. Make sure to find out who the nice TA's are so that they can regrade your work. Even if your own TA is nice, sometimes you do want another one to look over. If they agree with your own TA, then pass it onto M@, he actually marks easier than the TA's


According to M@, when zoom lectures are recorded, siri is activated within zoom. "Thank you ziri". Also, he LOVES cupcakes. Get him some and say that it was advice from someone in Fall 2020. But make sure to tell him that you like economics more than polisci, otherwise he might not accept the cupcakes

Course: POLI 110Grade: B+Attendance: MandatoryTextbook Use: No