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Professor Kathleen Greaves Reviews


Class Ratings

1Awful Class
3Kinda Interesting
2Barely Useful

Prof: Kathleen Greaves / Winter 2020

Aug 31, 2021

Comments on the course

Ridiculous amount of work for a second year course tbh

Comments on the professor

Just don't take it with Greaves if you can avoid it


Prepare for braindead exams that don't actually test your understanding of the material :/

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anyone else !!!!!!

Course: FMST 210Grade: B+Workload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes

Class Ratings

5Amazing Class
5Very Useful

Professor Rating

5Amazing Prof

Prof: Kathleen Greaves / Winter 2023

May 12, 2023

Comments on the course

Person in previous class didn't study properly or do the work. It's a lot of small-mid items that add up, but she just teaches a few classes that I would recommend. Strange thing is, I usually hate multiple choice exams and prefer written ones, but for Kathy it's quite the other way around because of how easy her MCQ are while writing assignments are marked strangely. Oh, and read the syllabus, announcements, and instructions. Sometimes they're lengthy but they're written for a reason - those that complain probably didn't do that.

Course Content

Very useful and interesting. Textbook based quizzes are open book, so you can BS those (and even do them right after lecture). Lecture based final is closed book but easy. Study guide shortens your study, take good detailed notes because slides are outlines as she clearly states. I copy slides in advance and then go to class and add onto them.

Comments on the professor

Really entertaining and sometimes funny too!


I did FMST 316 before FMST 210, and wish I did it the other way around. FMST 316 is harder but more interesting, and grad schools see third year classes.

Course: FMST 210Delivery: In personGrade: ATextbook Use: Yes