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Professor Juliana Magalhães, Valentine Lafond Reviews


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4Good Prof

Apr 21, 2022

Comments on the course

This was pretty decent as a class. It didn't top my experience in CONS 127, but it is solid nonetheless. Good way to learn forestry without having too profound a commitment.

Course Content

It spanned a lot, but really the focus was on silviculture. You learn about what approaches exist, what you do with harvested wood, how you should or shouldn't manage certain stands, tools used for harvesting, climate/water information, disturbances, etc. It's a lot but it's really cool for those uninitiated in this field of study.

Comments on the professor

The profs were pretty good as far as I'm concerned. We had two post-doctoral instructors and they did well with us. We had quite a bunch of guest lectures from some of the most decorated Forestry faculty members (Coops, Varhola, etc.) who were beyond brilliant. Some guest lectures were testable, others not. Teaching team was also accommodating when it came to overly ambiguous content, like lecture 10. It was not clear at all prior to the midterm, so the teaching team struck it from the exam after students had brought it up. They're flexible, nice, and just want you to succeed, but also learn something.


Slide decks can be up to 70 slides long. Your notes are going to be copious. Exams are really not that bad. Also fieldwork if you're lucky--you actually get to measure trees and see wood processing (after having discussed it in class). Beware most people are kind of there for the elective--they don't communicate much, so there is less class cohesion.

Course: FRST 304Delivery: HybridGrade: A+Workload: LightTextbook Use: No
Quiz Heavy