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Professor Ian Connor Reviews


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5Amazing Class
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Prof: Ian Connor / Winter 2020

Dec 20, 2020

Comments on the course

i probably only attended class twice, completed all my assignments an hour before they were due, and came out with a solid grade. This class was a goddamn breeze. During the two classes I attended, I made sure to participate and Ian was the sweetest prof. Classwork is an easy 100% but midterm/final was marked pretty hard. They marked hard to bring the average down because before the midterm/final im sure most of the class was getting above a 90.


My fellow classmates were complaining about a lack of feedback but honestly when ur getting an A in the class I dont think that really matters. (i think most of the class got above an 80)

Course: CRWR 201Grade: A-Attendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: No