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Professor Colin Dodds Reviews


Class Ratings

2.7OK Class
3Avg. Difficulty
3Kinda Interesting
2Barely Useful

Prof: Colin Dodds / Fall 2020

Dec 26, 2020

Comments on the course

Decent class. You really do have to like business to be in it (as I found out I dislike business); even so it proved valuable in teaching things. It also emphasized the value of group work which is good—a large portion of your mark comes from group work, so coordination and organization is key. Overall, decent. Would I want to take it again? Mm, probably not. To be fair, Colin’s background in education did make this a much better class than anticipated. He is a very apt instructor.


Do ask for a clarification with your prof. Assignment criteria and guidelines are nebulous and non-specific, so make sure you are thorough and use office hours to hone your assignments. Also note, grades will typically fall in the low 70s to mid 70s as there are departmental requirements to be met. Beyond 80 is rare—but not impossible.

Course: COMM 120Grade: B+Attendance: MandatoryTextbook Use: Yes