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2.7OK Class
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Prof: Ali Ahadi / Spring 2021

Mar 16, 2021

Comments on the course

if you've taken visa 183 with james garreth, this is almost the exact same thing. you cover semiotics, simulacrum & hyperreality and do casual weekly written assignments on artists. there are 4 assignments total: all are free medium as long as it is associated with digital arts. for example, a sculpture can be totally digital if you have the artistic research and statement to back it up. critiques and class discussions are casual, and theres a lot of freedom for you to explore different concepts. beware though, this course will NOT teach you about digital tools like Adobe and train you to create digital art like ux or graphics etc. art concepts are heavily focused on!! tl;dr similar to VISA 241 and VISA 183, great for those interested in critical thinking in art and challenging concepts, more


don't take if you're looking to do/learn digital art/design (graphic design, UX etc) but if you're interested in critical thinking and challenging artistic thinking, then this might be interesting for you!

Course: VISA 210Grade: Not sure yetTextbook Use: No