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UB Course Reviews

University at Buffalo

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CL 112LECStone Axe To Tank54.7533
MAE 340LECDynamic Systems22.72.733
CE 212LRFund Of Chemical Eng2.532.552
APY 652LECGrad Survey Archaeology454.53.52
APY 105LECIntro To Anthropology55322
BCH 403LECBiochemical Principles4.53.54.552
MAE 425LECSpace Dyn & Ctrl32.53.532
CSE 220LLBSystems Programming4.524.54.52
MAE 364LECManufacturing Processes24.52.53.52
PUB 101LECIntroduction To Public Health55331
MGF 633LECInvestment Management44541
SOC 211LECSociology Of Diversity45231
ART 317LABSculp Methods, Spatial Inquiry53551
PUB 102LECHist Contemp Ph Problems53551
MAE 336LECHeat Transfer42451
ART 150LECVisual Theory Aesth & Crit24311
PSY 322LECAbnormal Psychology55551
CE 220LECCe Biotechnology Principles24211
CIE 493LECProject Management32241
ARC 442LLBConstruction Tech51551
CE 422LECElectrochem Energy Environ45431
APY 356SEMCultural Evolution55541
HIS 301DISHistorical Writing55551
APY 345LECCompar Primate Anatomy11331
APY 108LECIntro To Archaeology55431
PSC 101LECIntro American Politics32331
MGS 427LECSystems Security53551
GGS 103LECWomen's Bodies, Women's Health24121
LAW 306LECFamily Law55551
APY 655SEMGrad Survey Social Anthro42431
CIE 343LLRHydraulics And Hydrology12331
APY 346LABPrimate Dissections11241
CIE 475LECGeometric Design Of Hwys52551
CSE 116LLBComputer Science Ii43551
MTH 412LRIntro Statistical Inferenc14151
CL 110LECLatest News Ancient World44321
ART 100LECWhat Are You Looking At?53531
APY 547SEMBehavioral Research Methods54551
GLY 101LECNatural Hazards51421
ENG 356LECProfessional Writing55551
BCH 503LECBiochemical Principles22341
ART 105LAB2d Concepts55551
APY 651SEMGrad Survey Phys Anthro45441
APY 572SEMSpecial Topics In Arch.-Archaeology Of The Southwest45541
AAS 254LECRace In Films42341
CE 435LECIntro To Polymers34441
PSY 101LECIntroductory Psychology55531
PUB 320LECModel Mech For Pub Hlth43441
APY 594SEMAdv Physical Anthropology-Functional Morphology43541
MAE 444LECDigital Control Systems54541
EAS 199SLUb Seminar-Grand Challenges For Engineeri53451
BIO 417LECNeurobiology00000
AS 317SEMJapanophilia00000
BIO 438LECEvolutionary Ecology00000
BIO 496TUTBiological Sciences Internship00000
ART 313LABIntro To Photography00000
AS 370LECModern Korean History00000
BIO 511LECMarine Ecology00000
BIO 404LECAdv Molecular Genetics00000
AS 221LECSurvey Of Asian Literature00000
BIO 425LECSpecial Topics-Developmental Evolution00000
ART 310LABPainting & Popular Culture00000
BIO 461LLBBasic Radiation Science00000
AS 347LECFantast World Japanese Anime00000
BIO 501LECAdv Biological Chemistry00000
ARC 606LABArch Design Studio 600000
BIO 524LECCancer Immunology00000
AS 393LECTopics In Asian Studies-Korean Drama And Film00000
BIO 536SEMGenes And Cancer00000
BIO 553SEMEvolution Colloquium00000
ART 322LABTypographic Systems00000
AS 492SEMPoisons, Drugs, And Panaceas00000
BIO 610SEMGraduate Student Seminar00000
BIO 615SEMAdvanced Research Topics00000
ASI 400SEMService Learning In The Bps00000
BMI 401LECIntro To Biomed Informatics00000
BMI 501SEMSurvey Biomed Informatics00000
ARC 582LECProfessional Practice00000
ARC 611LABArchitecture Media 300000
ART 331LLBArt And Life00000
ASL 211LECIntroduction To Deaf Studies00000
BMI 505LLBAdvanced Bioinformatics00000
BMI 510SEMBmi J Club Sem Res Pract00000
BMI 701SEMSpecial Topics-Sociotech Humancentered Design00000
BMI 712TUTBmi Dissertation Writing00000
ART 353LABView Camera00000
BCH 410LECBiomed Genetics00000
BMS 492SEMBiomedical Sci Seminar00000
BMS 501LECCell Biology 100000
BCH 500LECDental Biochemistry 100000
BMS 514LECResearch Ethics00000
BMS 950TUTInd Study Biomed Sci00000
ART 140LABTime Based Concepts00000
ART 360LABPhoto Process Imagery00000
BCH 507LECProtein Structure/function00000
BPH 505LECCellular Biophysics00000
BPH 601SEMBiophysics Seminar00000
BCH 590TUTIndependent Studies00000
BPH 950TUTBiophysical Research00000
CDA 205LECDigital Internetworking00000