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UB Course Reviews

University at Buffalo

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CL 112LECStone Axe To Tank54.7533
MAE 340LECDynamic Systems22.72.733
MAE 425LECSpace Dyn & Ctrl32.53.532
APY 652LECGrad Survey Archaeology454.53.52
CSE 220LLBSystems Programming4.524.54.52
BCH 403LECBiochemical Principles4.53.54.552
CE 212LRFund Of Chemical Eng2.532.552
APY 105LECIntro To Anthropology55322
MAE 364LECManufacturing Processes24.52.53.52
APY 346LABPrimate Dissections11241
APY 547SEMBehavioral Research Methods54551
AAS 254LECRace In Films42341
CE 220LECCe Biotechnology Principles24211
APY 594SEMAdv Physical Anthropology-Functional Morphology43541
CIE 493LECProject Management32241
ART 100LECWhat Are You Looking At?53531
PUB 320LECModel Mech For Pub Hlth43441
SOC 211LECSociology Of Diversity45231
MTH 412LRIntro Statistical Inferenc14151
PUB 102LECHist Contemp Ph Problems53551
APY 651SEMGrad Survey Phys Anthro45441
PSY 322LECAbnormal Psychology55551
GLY 101LECNatural Hazards51421
ARC 442LLBConstruction Tech51551
APY 108LECIntro To Archaeology55431
MGF 633LECInvestment Management44541
MAE 336LECHeat Transfer42451
ENG 356LECProfessional Writing55551
HIS 301DISHistorical Writing55551
CSE 116LLBComputer Science Ii43551
CIE 475LECGeometric Design Of Hwys52551
GGS 103LECWomen's Bodies, Women's Health24121
CIE 343LLRHydraulics And Hydrology12331
APY 572SEMSpecial Topics In Arch.-Archaeology Of The Southwest45541
APY 356SEMCultural Evolution55541
EAS 199SLUb Seminar-Grand Challenges For Engineeri53451
APY 655SEMGrad Survey Social Anthro42431
CE 435LECIntro To Polymers34441
MGS 427LECSystems Security53551
APY 345LECCompar Primate Anatomy11331
MAE 444LECDigital Control Systems54541
ART 317LABSculp Methods, Spatial Inquiry53551
PUB 101LECIntroduction To Public Health55331
PSC 101LECIntro American Politics32331
CL 110LECLatest News Ancient World44321
ART 150LECVisual Theory Aesth & Crit24311
CE 422LECElectrochem Energy Environ45431
ART 105LAB2d Concepts55551
APY 521SEMLanguage, Culture, And Power00000
AMS 100LECIndian Image On Film00000
APY 540LECHistory Of Archaeology00000
APY 575SEMCultural Anthro Topics-Living In The Anthropocene00000
AAS 498SEMSr Sem: Research Project00000
AMS 144LECNative Amer Natural Resources00000
APY 601TUTIndiv Readgs Archaeology00000
APY 618SEMCultural Heritage00000
AMS 199SEMUb Seminar-New Comers:The Caribbean Ameri00000
APY 623SEMMemory And Commemoration00000
APY 508SEMQual Research Methods00000
AHI 598TUTMuseum Internship00000
AAS 496TUTCommunity Internship00000
APY 561LECHuman Paleontology00000
AMS 111SEMHip Hop And Social Issues00000
APY 593SEMCultural Anthro Topics-Socialism And Beyond00000
APY 730SEMAdv Prob In Areal Archlgy-Neolithic And Bronze Age00000
APY 610SEMMethod & Theory In Archlgy00000
AMS 179SEMIntro To Native Amer Hist00000
AAS 504SEMDiversity & Cultural Awareness00000
AAS 270LECMaj Issues Carib Studies00000
AAS 560SEMSpecial Topics-Carib & Lat Am Thought00000
AMS 325SEMContemp Afro-Carib Religion00000
ARC 111LECArchitecture Media 100000
AMS 293SEMRace, Law & Society00000
ARC 101LECDesign Studio 1 Lec-Arc 101 Studio Foundations00000
AAP 585SEMLegal Issues In Arts Mgmt00000
ARC 121LECIntroduction To Architecture00000
AMS 499TUTIndependent Study00000
ARC 201LABArch Design Studio 300000
ARC 211LECAmerican Diversity & Design00000
AAS 584SEMApp Vis Aesth Blk Cinema00000
AMS 504SEMDiversity & Cultural Awareness00000
ARC 234LRArch History: 1450 - Present00000
ARC 280LECEnvironment & Landscapes00000
AMS 522TUTDirected Research00000
ARC 302LABArch Design Studio 600000
ARC 312LABArchitecture Media 400000
AAS 295SEMBlack Gender Studies00000
AED 198SEMUb Seminar-Discovering Environmental Desi00000
AMS 528LECColonialism & Education00000
ARC 320LECBuilt Environmnt In Mass Media00000
ARC 324LECBuilding Systm Tech & Devlpmnt00000
AMS 560SEMSpecial Topics-Intro To Teaching Undergrads00000
ARC 344LLBBuilding Systm Tech & Devlpmnt00000
ARC 352LECStructures 100000
AED 498LABResrch Topic Arch & Env Design-Directed Research00000
AMS 623TUTSupervised Fieldwork00000
ARC 403LABArch Design Studio 700000
ARC 404SEMArchitecture Proseminar00000
AMS 700TUTProject Supervision00000
ARC 411LABArchitecture Media 500000